The Challenge reunion 2021: Amanda Garcia calls out castmate Michele Fitzgerald for post-filming hookup

the challenge amanda garcia on spies lies allies reunion
Amanda Garcia calls out her castmate during The Challenge Season 37 reunion. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge reunion 2021 edition will rehash all of the drama that occurred on and off Spies, Lies & Allies this past season, including the showmances and relationships.

A brand new sneak peek clip involves Emanuel Neagu speaking about his two showmances in the house, with Michele Fitzgerald and Tori Deal, and revealing what he meant when he told each that he loved them.

However, things switch from there, as viewers get a preview of Amanda Garcia in action, confronting her castmate over a hookup that happened after they’d finished filming.

Amanda calls out Michele for hookup after filming

Many of The Challenge Season 37 cast members will be in-studio for the reunion, including rookie Emanuel Neagu, his showmances, and the devil herself, Amanda.

Emanuel was asked why he expressed his “love” for two different castmates in a preview of part of a segment from the reunion. He explained he has love for all of “these people,” meaning his castmates, and offered an apology to Michele if she felt led on.

Things change as Michele says she used to have a grudge against Tori Deal for the situation, as Emanuel began a showmance with Tori after Michele’s elimination from Season 37. However, Michele says she and Tori are good now, with Michele saying she realizes she should have blamed Emanuel too.

Amanda jumps into the conversation as she calls out Michele for getting with her showmance, Fessy Shafaat after Michele and Fessy had left the show.

“But I mean, it’s true. She’s mad at Tori for going for Emanuel, but she went for Fessy as soon as Fessy got off the show. So it’s like, ‘[censored] I was your friend b***h, and you went straight on his d**k as soon as you got off [the show],” Amanda says during the clip.

The Challenge castmates no longer on good terms

If there were to be a Rivals 4 season of The Challenge, it seems Amanda would have a few potential teammates, including Tori Deal and Michele Fitzgerald.

During Johnny Bananas’ Death, Taxes and Bananas podcast last week, some of Amanda’s remarks included her saying she thinks Michele is “fake” for acting a certain way to castmates on the show and then differently behind their backs.

She brought up that Michele made it a point to tell her that she and Fessy just kissed when they were together. However, Amanda said she received footage from fans of Fessy and Michele out and about that suggested otherwise.

There were also trips after Fessy and Michele left the season filming that they visited each other in their home states. While Amanda said she and Fessy weren’t really official, Amanda felt he was trying to talk to her and date her. She also didn’t like how Michele lied to her about her involvement with Fessy as she and Michele had been “friends.”

Amanda, Michele, and Fessy appeared together on The Challenge Aftermath show in early September. During that episode, host Devyn Simone asked about Michele and Fessy’s situation as they were seated next to each other. Both indicated they were just friends.

During part of the Aftermath episode, Amanda dropped her line comparing Fessy to an “appetizer” where “everyone just takes a piece” and passes him on to another person to try.

In addition to the Michele situation, Fessy was also supposedly involved with former Challenge and Big Brother star Natalie Negrotti this past summer. That prompted a bit of recent online drama between Amanda and Natalie over previous text conversations where Amanda asked Natalie about her involvement with Fessy.

Based on rumors over the past several weeks, Fessy and Amanda are still not “official” but have visited with one another. Fessy went to a Denver Broncos game with Amanda in her home state, which the two castmates shared on their Instagram pages.

It should be interesting to see Michele’s response to Amanda during the reunion and if Fessy has anything to say about all the drama that seems to arrive with his pursuit of various castmates.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies reunion airs Wednesday, December 22 at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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