The Challenge: Amanda Garcia blasts castmate Tori Deal, calls out her friendship with Aneesa Ferreira

amanda garcia during the challenge spies lies and allies season
Amanda Garcia recently gave the inside details on her feuds with The Challenge castmates. Pic credit: MTV

Amanda Garcia doesn’t hold back when she appears on The Challenge and definitely doesn’t hold back with her opinions off the show when it comes to saying what she thinks about castmates.

She recently spoke out more about her Spies, Lies & Allies castmates Michele Fitzgerald and Tori Deal and why she has issues with them.

During a recent chat with Johnny Bananas, she fired off strong comments regarding Tori, including some aimed at the authenticity of Tori’s friendship with Aneesa Ferreira.

Amanda spoke about numerous blowups towards castmates

Amanda made a surprise appearance on Johnny Bananas’ Death, Taxes, and Bananas podcast this past week after previously telling fans she wouldn’t ever do a podcast.

However, she had plenty of details to talk about regarding the show’s past seasons and her Spies, Lies & Allies castmates.

Bananas released a video clip from his full podcast episode in which Amanda spoke about a “squid chips” incident from a previous season, which resulted in her blowing up at several castmates.

When asked about her role on the show, Amanda explained that all of her blowups towards castmates typically have a good reason.

“I don’t go there to beef or argue. Like every argument or beef has had a reason behind it,” Amanda said later on, as she was explaining how her feuds emerged.

Amanda said she has beef with Michele over Fessy lies

As far as her Season 37 castmates go, there were two, in particular, she spoke about having beef with over things that happened before the season, during it, and after filming.

One was Survivor’s Michele Fitzgerald, as Amanda started as friends with her, but then things got messy, and that was because of castmate Fessy Shafaat. Amanda was shown in a showmance and hookup situations with Fessy early in the Spies, Lies & Allies season.

Amanda brought up Michele’s involvement with Fessy after filming Season 37, something which popped up on The Challenge: Aftermath. She suggested that Michele lied to her at one point about her involvement with Fessy after filming. Amanda said Michele made it a point to tell Amanda they “just kissed.”

However, Amanda said various fans sent her videos online showing Fessy with Michele at a bar or out and about, which irritated Amanda because she felt Michele lied to her, and more happened.

Along with that, Amanda brought up how Michele was hating on their castmate Tori Deal, using a photoshopped “fat photo” of Tori’s face as a screensaver. That was due to Tori getting with Emanuel Neagu, who had a showmance with Michele until she got eliminated from Season 37.

Amanda explains feud with Tori, calls out her friendship with Aneesa

Bananas brought up Amanda’s feud with Tori during Spies, Lies & Allies, asking if it originated when Amanda stole Tori’s spot on the Emerald team as part of the late-season twist.

Amanda won an elimination against Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, then was able to take Tori’s spot, sending Tori from the strongest team to a weaker one. That visibly irritated Tori and seemingly had Amanda amused.

“No, I hated her before that,” Amanda quickly said, bringing up one of the other seasons she’s done with Tori, Final Reckoning. 

“She was such a f*****g b***h to Derrick all the f*****g time. She was yelling at Derrick as if it was only his fault,” Amanda said, referring to Tori’s ex-boyfriend Derrick Henry and their situation.

Amanda then switched to speaking about appearing on Spies, Lies & Allies and seeing how Tori acted in the house. That included witnessing Tori’s interactions with Devin Walker, one of Amanda’s friends.

“I hate someone that has to be the center of attention all the time. That has to be the funniest and the loudest person in the room. She never stops. I think she’s kind of a chameleon with whoever she’s around. If she’s around this person, then she’ll dress and act like this. If she’s around this person, she changes. I don’t like someone who can’t be consistent,” Amanda said of Tori.

“Even with her and Aneesa. Like that friendship to me, that was weird,” Amanda said of her veteran castmates’ situation.

“It’s like when Aneesa got hurt…you should have seen their interactions in the house. Aneesa would annoy the f**k out of Tori. Like Tori would roll her eyes and be so f*****g annoyed with Aneesa, and it’s like as soon as Aneesa left, Tori was like, ‘Wooo! Party!’ When my best friend left, I was sad,” Amanda said.

Bananas went on to ask if she thought the friendship wasn’t “authentic,” and he joked maybe they do it because they have the second-best podcast.

“Dude, I heard their podcast sucks,” Amanda commented, adding, “They actually asked me to go on it, and I was like, ‘F**k no!’ Why the f**k would I go on a podcast with a b***h I hate?”

“I think the Tori and Aneesa friendship, I think it’s real on Aneesa’s part. I think Aneesa really does like Tori and wants to be friends with her, but I feel like Tori is just like, she’s an opportunist. She’s being her friend because it puts her in the limelight,” Amanda explained.

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