The Challenge: Amanda Garcia blasts Natalie Negrotti in heated exchange over ‘fake’ Fessy Shafaat drama

amanda garcia in the challenge spies lies and allies episode 18
Amanda Garcia confronted former castmate Natalie Negrotti over the “fake drama” she brought to her about Fessy Shafaat. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge star Fessy Shafaat seems to be at the center of some drama involving female castmates he’s had showmances or hookups with.

In the latest, it’s his Spies, Lies & Allies showmance, Amanda Garcia, who got into a back and forth with former castmate Natalie Negrotti, accusing Natalie of pretending to be mad at her for “fake drama.”

Their messages included Amanda revealing text messages they previously exchanged where she asked Natalie about her involvement with Fessy several months ago when he was “trying to date” Amanda.

Amanda confronts Natalie after Twitter remarks

In a Twitter post that doesn’t name names, former Challenge finalist Natalie seems to be commenting about a situation where she may have hooked up with fellow Big Brother star Fessy Shafaat earlier this year.

Based on how her tweet reads and the replies, Fessy might have done something with Natalie while he was seeing Amanda Garcia, but he never revealed to Natalie that Amanda was “in the picture.”

“My thing is ppl point fingers where they shouldn’t be pointing. Maybe point those fingers at the person u trusted who was actin single behind ur back so much no one knew u were in the picture. I’m a girls girl not a homewrecker if I knew the truth nothing would have happened,” Natalie tweeted.

natalie posts tweet not a homewrecker
Pic credit: @NataliaNegrotti/Twitter

Less than an hour after Natalie tweeted her message, Amanda replied and included proof of a previous text message exchange between her and Natalie.

“LOL sis here’s the messages we exchanged where I’m clearly not pointing the fingers at you. you called me and we had a good conversation….obviously so cuz you follow me on IG & comment love on my pics. You said you didn’t want any drama and neither did I. So what’s changed?” Amanda wrote above her two screenshots of text messages (below).

In the text message screenshots below, Amanda initiated an August 9 conversation with Natalie and went on to ask about what happened between her and Fessy. Amanda said she was “just with him in Dallas,” and Fessy was texting her “trying to date.”

Amanda tells Natalie she found it odd to see her commenting on Fessy’s online “s**t” and that he bought Natalie flowers.

After that, Natalie responds that she “had no idea” and never flirted if she’d known. Amanda then replies, saying she’ll call her to discuss things more.

amanda garcia confronts natalie negrotti after tweet
Pic credit: @MTV_AMANDAG/Twitter

Amanda’s comments about Dallas align with when a Celebrity Big Brother boxing event took place on August 7 of this year. Several Big Brother/Challenge stars, including Josh Martinez, Kaycee Clark, and Fessy, participated.

Multiple stars from The Challenge were in attendance to cheer on their castmates, including Amanda, Nany Gonzalez, and Big T Fazakerley. During the event, Natalie was also working as a backstage interviewer.

Natalie vs. Amanda drama continues

The war of words over tweets between Natalie and Amanda didn’t end there, as they exchanged several more messages. In one, Amanda tells Natalie, “don’t try and act like I’m mad you for it when I’m not,” before calling her a weirdo.

Natalie replies, asking Amanda why she’s getting on her timeline “trashing” her and “liking tweets” of other people trashing her, telling her, “I’ve kept it 100 with you. No fake s**t on my end.”

natalie and amanda exchange tweets online
Pic credit: @NataliaNegrotti/Twitter

Amanda calls out ‘fake drama,’ mentions Battle of the Exes

Amanda fired back again in yet another tweet, mentioning a recent social media post from The Challenge with highlights from a previous season, Battle of the Exes.

That post brought quite a few castmates’ reactions, including Fessy and Amanda. However, Amanda suggests Natalie’s comments accusing her of being mad are so Natalie might get called for a Battle of the Exes 3 season and have Fessy as her “ex.”

“Listen girl I don’t need any fake drama so try it with someone else. I never had a problem with you and still don’t. Get a callback on someone else’s account LOL,” Amanda tweeted.

amanda garcia the challenge exes video natalie negrotti
Pic credit: @MTV_AMANDAG/Twitter

As seen above, Devin Walker jumped in to add some humor to the matter, claiming he was also with Fessy at the same time as Amanda and Natalie.

That said, it seems plenty of cast members are doing their best to line up for a possible Battle of the Exes 3 season. Devin, Paulie Calafiore, and Theo Campbell have also recently commented about it. As of this report, there’s no confirmation that such a season will happen, though.

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