The Challenge Season 37: Fans react to Josh Martinez’s elimination from Episode 15

challenge fans react josh martinez elimination from episode 15
Josh Martinez appears in The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 15 elimination. Pic credit: MTV

Many of The Challenge fans appear to be in full celebration mode after the recent Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 15 sent home a cast member who many love to hate.

The latest installment from The Challenge Season 37 featured a men’s elimination, pitting veteran castmates against one another.

While it was a seemingly close battle, Josh Martinez ultimately got sent home, bringing joy to many fans who reacted online to the recent footage.

MTV releases Season 37, Episode 15 elimination footage

After each episode of The Challenge, MTV releases footage from the recent episode’s elimination event. The Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 15 featured a men’s elimination day with Kyle Christie voted in by the daily mission’s winning team.

Due to the format of the game, Kyle was allowed to choose his opponent from any of the men on the losing teams. He opted for Emerald’s Josh Martinez rather than rookie Emanuel Neagu after seeing the setup for the Burning Bridges event.

Kyle made a wise choice as he persevered through the elimination event, building his bridge with 16 planks and reaching the other side before Josh could. Josh was right behind him, but Kyle was slightly quicker and got the big win.

The victory kept Kyle in the game and still competing for the $1 million in prize money. He also chose to steal Logan Sampedro’s spot on the Sapphire Team, joining CT Tamburello and Emy Alupei there.

Meanwhile, Josh was sent home once again, without reaching a final. His elimination record is now a disappointing 1-5 since the former Big Brother winner debuted on The Challenge: War of the Worlds season.

Fans react to Josh Martinez’s elimination loss

Based on reactions to the Instagram video clip of Josh’s loss, plenty of fans were happy to see Kyle get the win in Episode 15 and send the Big Brother star home.

“It’s crazy to me how the whole cast was rooting for Josh but everyone at home was rooting for Kyle ? his win was well deserved,” a Challenge fan commented.

challenge fans react josh martinez episode 15 season 37
Pic credit: @challengemtv/Instagram

Another fan commented that maybe Josh needs to take a break for a season and come back with some new energy towards the competition.

challenge fan ig comment about josh martinez elimination
Pic credit: @challengemtv/Instagram

While Josh has his share of fans, one commenter suggested that most Challenge viewers would prefer not to have Josh on the show.

challenge fan requests no more josh martinez
Pic credit: @challengemtv/Instagram

At least one fan commented about bringing Josh back for more of The Challenge due to his entertainment value.

challenge fans react josh martinez season 37 loss
Pic credit: @challengemtv/Instagram

Earlier in the Spies, Lies & Allies season, Josh was involved in a heated altercation with castmate Fessy Shafaat. After Fessy made physical contact with Josh’s face, Fessy got kicked off the season.

In Episode 14, viewers saw Josh’s former teammate, Ashley Mitchell, mysteriously disappear. Later on, host TJ Lavin revealed Ashley had broken a rule and got deactivated for the season. Rumors suggested it was due to an argument she had with Josh in which she made inappropriate remarks towards him.

While some fans criticized Josh online for the incident, his castmate Tori Deal came to his defense, asking fans not to do so as Josh was the victim in what happened and not the instigator.

Since his elimination, Josh has commented about Ashley’s departure calling it “unfortunate” and saying he wishes her “all the best” in the future.

In addition to the season’s drama, several former Challenge finalists recently criticized Josh’s performance as a competitor on the show, with one suggesting he needs to retire.

While there are rumors that cast availability calls have gone out for The Challenge Season 38, it’s currently unknown if Josh will return to appear in his sixth season of MTV’s show.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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