What did Ashley Mitchell do to get disqualified from The Challenge? Spies, Lies & Allies star speaks out

ashley mitchell in the challenge season 37 episode 10
The Challenge’s Ashley Mitchell becomes emotional ahead of the Season 37, Episode 10 elimination event. Pic credit: MTV

A surprising disappearance during MTV’s The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 14 had many fans wondering what two-time winner Ashley Mitchell did to get kicked off the show.

While she didn’t reveal specifics about the incident, Ashley has commented since the episode aired and recently revealed she has been in “anger management.”

Here’s more about what Ashley may have done to get disqualified from Spies, Lies & Allies and her comments following the aired episode.

Ashley Mitchell ‘deactivated’ during Spies, Lies & Allies

After surviving until Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 14, including an elimination win, former two-time champion Ashley Mitchell disappeared halfway through the episode.

She appeared in the daily challenge, which she and the Sapphire team won, giving them safety from elimination and the power to send in a women’s competitor from one of the other two teams later.

Ashley appeared at the club with the rest of the cast as they partied, and she spoke with friend Amanda Garcia before the tense nomination meeting and elimination event.

There was no explanation for Ashley’s absence at that nomination meeting when an empty seat was shown next to her Sapphire teammates.

“Ashley’s nowhere to be found. We don’t know what’s going on with her,” Nany Gonzalez commented in a confessional.

What did Ashley do to get disqualified from The Challenge?

Later at the elimination event, TJ Lavin informed the rest of the cast that Ashley was deactivated and could no longer be in the game since she broke a rule. TJ didn’t reveal which rule or anything else that happened.

“As you’ve seen, Ashley is no longer at headquarters. Ashley has broken one of our rules, and because of that, Ashley is no longer able to stay in the game. She has been deactivated. She is no longer able to continue in this game for the rest of this season,” TJ told the cast.

Amanda admitted in a confessional that “it sucks” losing her friend in the game but that she wished her “the best.”

Online rumors suggest Ashley had to leave The Challenge after making an inappropriate or offensive comment towards castmate Josh Martinez. Speculation is that she said something to the effect of, “everyone knows you’re gay.” This is unconfirmed as of this report, and neither Ashley nor Josh have said anything about that.

While Ashley didn’t necessarily reveal her argument or what rule she broke, she gave likes to several fan tweets about the episode and her exit. 

“This selective fake woke outrage that MTV keeps doing needs to stop [raised hand emji] you literally did nothing wrong and should’ve been respected considering what you bring to the show , it’s so sad seeing u being treated like this , love u Ashley,” one fan tweet said which received a Like from Ashley.

challenge fan tweets about ashley leaving challenge season 37
Pic credit: @LegarouXo/Twitter

“As a gay male. I don’t feel offended at all, specially if it’s about someone who season after season argues with only girls. I really hope we can see you back. We know you’re not a bad person at all baby,” another fan tweeted, receiving a Like from Ashley.

challenge fans react to ashley leaving spies lies allies
Pic credit: @zahidasdefender/Twitter

“So a woman can’t yell or argue with a guy anymore? But loud mouth josh can ridicule and demean women and men and he gets to stay? #BullS**t!” another fan tweeted, getting a Like from Ashley.

challenge fan tweets about ashley deactivation from the challenge 37
Pic credit: @FactSuck/Twitter

Episode 14 didn’t include any scenes involving Josh and Ashley specifically. There was a scene involving Amanda and Josh at The Challenge headquarters after the nomination meeting.

Amanda became emotional, even refusing a hug Josh offered her, as she felt her friends Josh and Devin Walker weren’t truly her friends there. At that point, it also seemed Ashley was removed from the house, which could have played into things between Josh and Amanda.

Ashley shares she’s ‘taking anger management’ now

Several hours after the episode aired, Ashley Mitchell shared a tweet in which she thanked everyone for their support and talked about dealing with “depression and anxiety” since returning home from The Challenge. She also revealed she has been in “anger management” since being kicked off the show.

“I just want to thank everyone whose [SIC] stuck with me through out this all. Everyone knows I’m only mad at myself and it has been so hard to shake off the depression and anxiety since getting home. I have been taking anger management and reflecting alot. I love you yall so much,” Ashley tweeted.

ashley mitchell of the challenge provides update after spies lies allies exit
Pic credit: @MTVASHLEYBROOKE/Twitter

Not long after the above tweet, Ashley also reacted on her Instagram Story, sharing that she had a “rough season” but has “grown and learned a lot.”

Her IG Story slide included a screenshot of another tweet in which she commented on being kicked off the show saying “rules are rules,” and she respected the decision.

ashley mitchell posts ig story reaction to spies lies allies exit
Pic credit: @mtvashleybrooke/Instagram Story

Earlier in the season, viewers briefly saw rookie Lauren Coogan appear in a few scenes in the first episode, but she was heavily edited out. By the second episode, host TJ Lavin revealed they’d deactivated Lauren but didn’t mention a rules violation or other reason. Online speculation has suggested it was due to comments she made towards a castmate.

Other competitors deactivated during the season included Nam Vo, Aneesa Ferreira, and Tommy Sheehan, who had medical issues. Fessy Shafaat got kicked off the show in Episode 8 after getting into an altercation with castmate Josh Martinez and making physical contact with his face.

With Spies, Lies & Allies, the 34-year-old Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell appeared in her ninth regular season. The former Real World: Ex-Plosion star previously won during Invasion of the Champions and War of the Worlds 2, racking up over $1.1 million in prize money.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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