The Challenge: All Stars 3 spoilers reveal details of replaced cast member, more OGs eliminated

the challenge all stars season 1 cast members at daily event
The Challenge: All Stars spinoff features OG cast members from Real World, Road Rules, and Fresh Meat. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars 3 spoilers continue to reveal details for the third season of the spinoff series and what viewers will see in episodes.

Based on recent reveals, two more legendary OG competitors bid farewell to castmates and their chances of running in the final for big prize money.

In addition, more details have arrived about a cast member recently replaced with an alternate in the All Stars 3 cast.

Two more OGs eliminated from The Challenge: All Stars 3

As of this report, it appears that The Challenge: All Stars 3 competitors may be facing men’s and women’s elimination days, similar to the start of Season 1.

Two more former winners have now left the show, based on spoilers provided by @mtvchallengeinsider below. Their departures could point towards a possible alliance amongst other cast members.

Based on one Instagram post, four-time winner Darrell Taylor has officially been eliminated, which is a major surprise considering his background and abilities on the show. However, this cast features several former winners, including Mark Long, Derrick Kosinski, Wes Bergmann, and Jordan Wiseley.

Darrell, a former Road Rules: Campus Crawl cast member, also appeared in the previous two seasons of the All Stars spinoff.

In Season 1, he reached the final and finished in second place, with only Yes Duffy defeating him. Darell also competed on MTV’s Season 36, Double Agents, with episodes airing earlier this year.

Another female competitor was also eliminated. Scroll through the post below to see which other OG has departed All Stars 3, with more details below the Instagram post.

Based on the spoilers, Kendal (Sheppard) Darnell is the latest to leave, which could mean a third time on the spinoff show without reaching or winning a final.

In Season 1 of the spinoff, viewers saw her nearly reach the final, only to lose in elimination with teammate Nehemiah Clark. However, up until that point, she demonstrated her abilities to do well in daily challenges and eliminations, making her a target for other competitors.

Kendal, also a former Road Rules: Campus Crawl cast member, was among the winners during her only regular season on The Challenge, The Inferno, which aired in 2004 on MTV.

The 41-year-old competitor will also appear as part of The Challenge: All Stars 2, with the spinoff set to premiere on November 11 on Paramount Plus.

Replaced cast member, reason for leaving revealed

Recently, Monsters & Critics reported about an All Stars 3 cast replacement, as OG Beth Stolarczyk joined the spinoff cast.

Beth had been on standby as an alternate cast member and seemed to join just after one of her biggest rivals in Challenge history, Tina Barta, was eliminated.

However, clarification based on online details shows that Beth replaced Jemmye Carroll, who initially seemed eliminated. According to @mtvchallengeinsider in the IG post below, Jemmye had to leave the show due to a family emergency.

Jemmye appeared in Season 1 of the spinoff and reached the final, finishing in a tie for seventh place with castmate Ruthie Alcaide. She isn’t slated to appear as part of The Challenge: All Stars 2 cast. As of this report, the nature of her family emergency isn’t known, but details may surface once All Stars 3 gets closer or episodes arrive.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 premieres on Thursday, November 11, on Paramount+. The Challenge: All Stars 3 is TBA.

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