Tina Barta on The Challenge: Who is the All Stars 2 cast member and what is her Instagram?

tina barta in the challenge all stars 2 promotional video
Tina Barta returns to The Challenge as part of the All Stars 2 spinoff series. Pic credit: @challengemtv/Instagram

The Challenge: All Stars 2 brings back many fan-favorite cast members who originally appeared on reality TV shows The Real World and Road Rules.

Among them will be iconic cast members involved in memorable moments, including Tina Barta on The Challenge, who had an infamous feud with one of her castmates, and a surprise appearance during another season of the show.

Here are more details about the reality TV star and where to find Tina on Instagram or other social media.

Who is Tina Barta on The Challenge?

Tina Barta, who goes by Tina Bridges on social media, will be one of the OG cast members competing on Paramount Plus’ spinoff, The Challenge: All Stars 2. She’s featured on a promotional poster for the show (below) next to castmates Darrell Taylor and MJ Garrett.

She originally appeared on MTV’s Road Rules: South Pacific in 2003 with castmates, including future Challenge champions Abram Boise and Cara Zavaleta.

Tina, a 21-year-old from Lincoln, Nebraska, arrived in Episode 10 as Cara’s replacement during that Road Rules season.

Following her time on Road Rules, Tina appeared in five seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, beginning with The Gauntlet in 2003. In her first season, she reached Episdoe 5 and got eliminated in a Gauntlet game called Dead Man’s Drop by Challenge OG, Coral Smith.

Tina’s other seasons of The Challenge included Battle of the Sexes 2, The Inferno II, Fresh Meat, and The Duel. She was a finalist in her Inferno II and Fresh Meat seasons. Tina won 15 daily challenges, is 3-1 in eliminations and banked $25,000 in prize money over her time on the show.

Many longtime viewers probably remember her most infamous moment during The Challenge, as she and The Real World: Los Angeles’ Beth Stolarczyk had an altercation during The Duel.

Following a Ring Toss challenge, Beth kept egging Tina on with cameras there. Tina eventually had enough of Beth’s antics and hit her castmate. That resulted in Tina getting kicked off that season, her final regular appearance on The Challenge.

However, she made a surprise return during The Challenge: Cutthroat in Episodes 8 and 9 as a Heavy Hitter. With competitors Theresa Jones and Tori Hall up for elimination, each faced Tina in a physical event to see which would last longest.

Tina appeared on Mike Lewis Podcast just last month, before the public announcement of her All Stars 2 appearance. During that appearance (below), she spoke about being away from social media, her time on The Challenge, including the Beth incident, and mentioned if she’d ever return to the show.

Tina has also appeared in several promotional videos for All Stars 2, including one where Road Rules stars shared their favorite missions from the show.

In another promo video, All Stars 2 cast members gave life updates, and Tina revealed she’s married and also has a dog.

“I want to return to The Challenge to see if this hot mama still gots it,” Tina shared in the video regarding her motivation.

What is Tina’s Instagram and other social media?

Like many of her castmates, Tina Barta is on Instagram, where she shares various updates from her life. Fans can follow her @tinabarta on the IG platform.

She had been on an IG hiatus for about four years until making some All Stars 2 announcements. Along with her recent posts about The Challenge spinoff, Tina previously shared photos from her life, including her dog, friends, and various fashion items or events.

She shared the big news of her return for The Challenge: All Stars 2 by showing her official cast photo and a special message.

“Dis B***h is Back. Never say NEVER!!!!!!” Tina said in her caption to announce her return.

In another post, Tina shared the All Stars 2 teaser trailer describing her time on the spinoff show as “intense.”

“This Season was intense! Don’t miss a damn second and I am going to need all your support for my comeback. It wasn’t easy to get this 40 year old lady to take another stab at the big prize money!” Tina said in the caption.

In addition to Instagram, Tina is also active on the Twitter platform, with the handle @TinaBarta, where she has recently tweeted and retweeted about All Stars 2.

It has felt like forever since her last appearance, but viewers will finally see the return of Tina Barta on The Challenge when All Stars 2 premieres its first episode on November 11.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 premieres on Thursday, November 11, on Paramount Plus.

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