The Challenge: All Stars’ Beth Stolarczyk calls out former castmate: ‘You are a disgusting person’

beth stolarczyk on the challenge all stars promotional video
Beth Stolarczyk during a promotional video for The Challenge: All Stars. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

A recent social media comment from a former Challenge castmate came to All Stars competitor Beth Stolarczyk’s attention and didn’t sit well with the Real World: Los Angeles star.

The initial comment arrived on a tweet from Jemmye Carroll, who is friends with Veronica Portillo. After seeing the tweet, Veronica replied to it, explaining how Jemmye’s All Stars castmate and new friend, Beth, previously called her “chubby” and wasn’t very positive about “empowering women” before.

After seeing Veronica’s comments on another social media platform, Beth called out her former castmate for “bullying” and degrading women based on her previous behavior on the show.

Veronica replied to Jemmye’s tweet about social media treatment

Social media can be quite toxic, especially for those in the public eye more than others. Various stars from The Challenge: All Stars made their return to TV screens or other devices after years away from the reality TV spotlight.

Jemmye Carroll was amongst the 22 OG competitors, and some may consider her a polarizing individual based on her commentary on the show, Aftermath shows, or social media. That said, most would agree it doesn’t justify trolls or other individuals attacking her on social media.

On Saturday (June 12) evening, The Challenge: All Stars finalist tweeted about the experiences she’s had with men on social media, including being “called fat daily.”

“I weigh 135 pounds and still get called fat daily by men on social media…. hear me when I say MEN ARE TRASH…,” Jemmye tweeted out.

the challenge star jemmye carroll tweets about how men treat her on social media
Pic credit: @JustJem24/Twitter

Veronica Portillo, who has been a castmate of Jemmye’s in past editions of MTV’s The Challenge, jumped in with a reply to Jemmye’s tweet. However, she brought up Jemmye’s new friend from The Challenge: All Stars, Beth Stolarczyk, and how she talked about Veronica being “chubby.”

“A few years I got called ‘chubby’ during an Insta Live by your new pal aka ‘mom’ Beth & her sidekick Flora – referencing back to my body during BOTS1 where I was maybe 110 lbs. She wasn’t so positive or all about women empowerment then, I wonder what has changed,” Veronica said in her tweet reply (below).

the challenge veronica portillo replies to jemmye carroll tweet
Pic credit: @v_cakes/Twitter

Veronica’s “mom” comment refers to a running joke from Jemmye that Beth was like her mother on the All Stars show, and castmate Mark Long was like her dad, due to their ages. Jemmye and Beth developed a bond and friendship during All Stars, even though Beth thought they might not originally get along prior to their meeting.

Beth fires back at Veronica with comment on Instagram

While many of The Challenge stars use Twitter, some prefer to use Instagram, and in the case of many All Stars cast members, they pay attention to what the fan accounts about the shows are sharing.

One account’s Instagram post captured the initial tweet by Jemmye along with Veronica’s reply. That since-deleted IG post got Beth’s attention, and she commented as a reply to what Veronica tweeted.

“Veronica – I wouldn’t have asked you to be in Playboy and the sexiest women of reality tv calendar if I didn’t think you were beautiful on the outside. You called me old fat and ugly on challenges. You also took naked photos of Tonya [Cooley] while she was sleeping and showed them to everyone. You bullied me and Tonya! You are a disgusting person who degrades women. You thrive on bashing women. It’s sad. You need help,” Beth commented on Instagram.

The IG post below shows screenshots of all of the comments, including the original tweet from Jemmye, Veronica’s reply, and Beth’s comments which she made on the since-deleted Instagram post.

beth stolarcyzk comment about the challenge veronica portillo
Pic credit: @mtvtheechallenge/Instagram

Beth, Jemmye, and Veronica’s Challenge history

Former Real World: New Orleans star Jemmye has appeared on seven regular seasons of The Challenge starting with Battle of the Seasons in 2012. Her arrival as part of the All Stars cast had some fans confused, although she recently addressed why she was part of the OG spinoff’s cast. She was amongst the show’s 12 finalists and finished the final, placing in a tie for seventh place overall.

As for Beth, she returned for the All Stars spinoff series at age 52, after last appearing in The Gauntlet III season in 2008. Before her All Stars appearance, a video was released on social media (below) with cast members talking about who they were most excited and least excited to see. Beth said Jemmye due to her other friends, which seemed to reference Veronica, among others.

However, Beth and Jemmye became good friends during the show and appear to have kept that relationship intact after filming.

Viewers last saw Veronica, a three-time champion, on MTV’s The Challenge in 2018 for The Final Reckoning season, which included Jemmye. She and Jemmye also appeared on The Challenge’s Dirty 30 and Vendettas seasons before that. All of those seasons have taken place in the past four years.

Beth and Veronica appeared together on three seasons of MTV’s show, starting with Battle of the Seasons in 2002. Other appearances included Battle of the Sexes, 2002, and The Inferno II season in 2005. It’s clear Veronica’s treatment of her and other castmates hasn’t sat well with Beth years later.

Many fans believe that Veronica could pop up on a future All Stars season. However, it would seem the people in charge of casting will want to keep her and Beth away from one another based on their history unless they’re really looking to stir up drama.

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