The Challenge: Jemmye Carroll fires back at fans criticizing her as All Stars cast choice

the challenge all stars jemmye carroll during aftermath episode
Jemmye Carroll recently fired back at fans online who criticized her being part of the All Stars cast. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

The Challenge: All Stars’ Jemmye Carroll fired back at one fan who criticized the decision to include her as part of the spinoff series cast, suggesting fans are “on crack” if they think three other alternates are more entertaining.

At least one fan specifically brought up one of the alternate cast members and claimed many fans had been asking to see that individual back on The Challenge for years.

However, Jemmye replied with a series of tweets explaining why she was ultimately added to the All Stars cast instead of other options.

Jemmye fires back at fan about her inclusion in All Stars cast

When the OG cast members were revealed for the first season of the spinoff series, some fans were questioning certain individuals being included. That included Jonna Mannion and Jemmye Carroll who some fans felt weren’t really OGs. Many fans may have wanted to see other former winners there, or even some of the alternate cast members they’d heard were quarantining.

One of those alternates was former The Real World: Las Vegas star Heather Cooke, who previously appeared on only the Rivals II season and made it to the final with her partner Cara Maria Sorbello. Other alternate female cast members in quarantine for All Stars included Casey Cooper and Sophia Pasquis.

Based on Jem’s first tweet reply to fans criticizing her as part of the All Stars cast, she indicated that OG Tina Barta was originally going to be part of the cast. When Tina was unable to appear, those in charge opted to call in Jemmye rather than one of the alternates they had.

“Yall have zero critical thinking skills on this app and it shows. They needed a big personality to replace Tina and no shade to Cooke or any of the alternates but they didn’t replace Tina with the alternates they had, they called me. I was never an alternate nor would I ever be,” Jemmye tweeted.

the challenge all stars jemmye carroll tweets to fan criticism
Pic credit: @JustJem24/Twitter

In a follow-up tweet, Jemmye said the cast was cut by one man and one woman, explaining Abram Boise never made it through TSA due to a positive COVID-19 test, and that they chose her over Casey.

“And then while in quarantine they decided to cut the cast down by one man and one woman(they didn’t have to pick a man to cut bc abe didn’t make it thru tsa due to positive covid test) & then they chose me over Casey..Production knew what they needed and y’all can ALL stay mad,” Jemmye said in her tweet.

jemmye carroll tweets about all stars cast decision
Pic credit @JustJem24/Twitter

In a final tweet reply on her thread, Jemmye shared a GIF (below) along with a message for fans that she brings “more to a tv show” than the other alternate cast choices would.

“And y’all are on crack if y’all think Cooke Sophia or Casey would bring more to a tv show than me,” Jemmye said in the tweet.

Jemmye’s tweets firing back at fans arrive not long after she was a topic brought up by Big Brother star Cody Calafiore on a Twitch stream with his brother Paulie Calafiore and girlfriend Cara Maria Sorbello. Cara Maria brought up Jemmye by name and Cody questioned her being cast for the competition show.

Jemmye brought commentary and strategy, finished All Stars final

As with pretty much all seasons of The Challenge, fans will have the cast members they love to watch and those they love to hate. Jemmye appears to be a polarizing individual for many fans but certainly brought her share of funny commentary and showed her ability to strategize in the game.

She ended up being one of the 12 finalists on All Stars, making it to TJ Lavin’s final in Argentina. Jemmye held her own during the finale, only struggling with the eating aspects of the tasks. Even though it seemed she might quit, she pushed forward with the eating and participated in the final leg, a footrace up a steep mountain.

She’d end up placing seventh overall, which had Jemmye tied with her castmate Ruthie Alcaide for overall placement. The final featured competitors having to team up with each of the other members of the opposite sex once for a task.

An Instagram account often posts looks at the stats for The Challenge competitors and shared an infographic that displays Jemmye’s overall Challenge stats. Based on their info, she’s been on seven seasons, has won four daily challenges, is 2-4 in eliminations, and banked $7,500.

Jemmye is also paid for her appearances on the show, and production realizes that some cast members will bring that necessary entertainment element to the show. Even so, fans are always going to want to see more OGs.

It seems likely there will be an All Stars Season 2, and possibly more seasons beyond that, so fans could see some of their other favorites, and non-favorites, appear on the spinoff series.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are currently available on Paramount+.

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