The Challenge’s Casey Cooper says she thinks former castmate should appear on All Stars Season 2

the challenge star casey cooper on the ruins season
Fresh Meat star Casey Cooper last appeared on The Ruins season of The Challenge. Pic credit: Paramount+

There may not be any official announcement of filming, a release date, or a cast yet, but fans are already putting in their requests for who they want to see on The Challenge: All Stars 2.

That includes former Real World and Road Rules stars who have won The Challenge in the past. Fans nearly saw former competitors Heather Cooke, Ryan Kehoe, Cohutta Grindstaff, and Casey Cooper, who were alternates for the first season.

Casey, who nearly won the show alongside Wes Bergmann, gave her thoughts about whether a Challenge castmate, former Road Rules star Jillian Zoboroski, should appear on All Stars 2.

The Challenge: All Stars Kendal, Laterrian, and Casey chat

The Challenge: All Stars’ Kendal Sheppard hosted an IGTV live video recently as she prepared dinner for her family. During the video, she brought in her castmate Laterrian Wallace and friend Casey Cooper who quarantined for All Stars as an alternate. For part of the conversation, they discussed the Reality Rushmore Party in California to celebrate Mark Long’s birthday and All Stars.

A few questions came up about The Challenge, with a fan asking if Casey still talks with Wes Bergmann, her partner from Fresh Meat season. Casey said she has over the past few months or so, but they spoke over the phone to catch up mostly. She said they don’t call one another on their birthdays or anything like that.

Around the 39:50 mark, a fan had asked about former Challenge winner Jillian Zoboroski, with Casey saying, “f**k yeah,” as her response to whether Jillian should appear on All Stars season 2.

Kendal went on to say she doesn’t know her, but Casey explained she was of Derrick Kosinski’s OG castmates.

“She was on I think Derrick’s season of Road Rules, and she came on it was like right during her spring break,” Casey shared.

“She’s really cool. She was on Gauntlet III with us. But you would [inaudible] like her. She’s super chill. [Inaudible] She was a beast in the eliminations,” Casey told Kendal.

Jillian debuted on Road Rules: X-Treme season in 2004, which featured Derrick, Kina Dean, Danny Dias, Ibis Nieves, Jodi Weatherton, and Nick Haggart. At the time, she was just 18 years old. She’d go on to appear on MTV’s The Gauntlet II season of The Challenge.

After her debut on Gauntlet II was unsuccessful, Jillian was part of a winning team called the Rookies on The Gauntlet III. Also on that team was recent All Stars cast member Nehemiah Clark. Other winning teammates included Johanna Botta, Rachel Moyal, Frank Roessler, and Tori Hall.

Her last Challenge appearance was Fresh Meat II where she reached the final alongside partner Pete Connolly and they finished in third place. In addition to winning Gauntlet III season, she’s also got an impressive record of 5-1 in eliminations and 14 daily event wins.

Casey revealed she didn’t watch all her Challenge seasons

Others who have appeared on MTV shows might have mentioned their reluctance to see themselves in episodes after filming. That’s something Kendal and Casey talked about during their video chat as well. Kendal said she didn’t really watch the various seasons of the shows besides her own.

Kendal appeared on just one season of Road Rules and The Challenge, followed by the All Stars spinoff. Casey appeared in four seasons of The Challenge. That began with Fresh Meat and was followed by The Duel, Gauntlet III, and The Ruins.

“I didn’t watch more than the first half of the first episode of The Ruins and that was like it,” Casey shared with Kendal.

“I finally watched all of Fresh Meat during quarantine. The others I haven’t seen all the way through,” Casey revealed about her seasons.

She went on to say she doesn’t like how she sounds and compared it to when you leave a message for someone and then hear yourself later.

“You know how like you call somebody and you leave a message on the phone, and then you hear the message later on of your voice, and you’re like, ‘That’s what I sound like?’” Casey said, added she thinks she sounds “annoying.”

Casey revealed she watched the shows up until all of those, but then all the seasons that came after them were “whatever.”

Casey and Kendal went on to talk about how with social media these days it’s possible to catch up on the latest “Cliff Notes” as far as The Challenge or other shows. That might be a good idea for any potential cast members looking at appearing on a future All Stars season, especially with TJ Lavin’s trivia challenges always seeming to show up.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are currently available on Paramount Plus.

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