The Challenge: All Stars’ Nehemiah Clark interested in competing on regular season and Double Agents star

nehemiah clark in the challenge all stars episode 7
Nehemiah Clark during a deliberation meeting in The Challenge: All Stars Episode 7. Pic credit: MTV

Nehemiah Clark was among the 22 OG competitors who appeared on the Paramount+ spinoff, The Challenge: All Stars, and showed himself to be one of the top competitors in the game.

At age 35, he wasn’t among the oldest competitors on All Stars, and feels that based on seeing some of the recent winners of MTV’s regular season of the show, he could give it another go.

He recently revealed that interest in appearing on the regular Challenge, as well as his interest in a particular Double Agents star who must’ve caught his eye.

Spoilers will follow in this article for The Challenge: All Stars and Double Agents seasons.

Nehemiah ‘would love’ to be on regular season

Viewers saw Nehemiah Clark bid farewell to castmates in The Challenge: All Stars Episode 7, as he and teammate Kendal Sheppard, fell short in their elimination against the team of Jisela Delgado and Eric “Big Easy” Banks.

Soon after the elimination, TJ Lavin announced to the remaining 12 competitors that they were all going to the final to compete for an individual prize of $500,000. So it was a tough moment for Nehemiah, Kendal, castmates, and fans.

While Nehemiah said he would return to do another season of the spinoff, he also mentioned in an EW interview that he feels he could return for the MTV show.

“I would love to do another season of All Stars, or even a regular Challenge. I’m ready for both,” The Challenge star told EW.

He then referenced his friend Wes Bergmann, a multiple-time Challenge champ, with whom he created a show called Friends and Benefits. Nehemiah mentioned while shooting that show, they had other members of the current Challenge cast flying in to Kansas City and he realized he could still compete with them.

“I was hanging out with them, working out with them, so that really ignited the fire in me because I’m working out next to these current Challengers and I’m seeing that I’m keeping up with them. And I’m not much older!” Nehemiah shared.

Of note, the winner of MTV’s Season 36, The Challenge: Double Agents, was Chris “CT” Tamburello who is age 40. Darrell Taylor, who appeared on both Double Agents and All Stars, is currently 41. So Nehemiah seems like he could certainly give it another go.

Nehemiah reveals his interest in Double Agents star

It seems in addition to having an interest in being on the big stage of MTV’s The Challenge seasons, Nehemiah also has interest in one of the Double Agents stars. During his EW interview, he touched upon that as he said he was going to “shoot his shot.”

He was asked about his situation with Jemmye Carroll, an All Stars castmate he seemed to be getting involved with during the spinoff season. However, the two may have simply been “cuddle buddies” and Nehemiah shared an update on where things are.

“We text. Our relationship was more like a friendship on the show, and that extended outside of it. We like to flirt, but the basis of it is a friend-type deal. That’s where we stand,” Nehemiah shared, adding, “it was a Challenge fling.”

When he was asked about the possibility of future seasons for possible romance on The Challenge, Nehemiah mentioned a specific cast member- from the MTV show.

“That is true. I will take this time to shoot my shot with Amber [Borzotra], the winner of the most recent Challenge. [Laughs] You put us on the same season, I’ll definitely try,” Nehemiah told EW.

Based on that, it appears Nehemiah is working all angles ahead of possibly appearing on a regular-season to establish his social game, alliances, and maybe even a Challenge romance.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus. The Challenge Season 37 is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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