When are The Challenge Season 37 and All Stars 2 coming out? Speculation arrives after Reality Rushmore Party

the challenge war of the worlds set season 33
Fans are anticipating more episodes of The Challenge and All Stars spinoff for 2021. Pic credit: Paramount+

With the recent finales taking place for both The Challenge: Double Agents and All Stars spinoff shows, many fans of the competitive series are wondering if and when they’ll get new seasons.

While there’s been no official confirmation of All Stars 2 coming to Paramount Plus, many fans are wanting to see another OG-based spinoff series. Meanwhile, Season 37 was revealed during the Double Agents reunion as “coming later this year.”

With that said, one podcast host may have some inside details regarding All Stars 2, and seems to have some solid guesses for if and when fans will be able to start seeing new episodes.

Challenge cast members, All Stars attended big party

Following the release of the final episode of The Challenge: All Stars season, which was the reunion, many of the show’s cast members attended a huge party in Beverly Hills thanks to Syrus Yarbrough and friends. The party, dubbed the Reality Rushmore party, was held to celebrate the success of the first spinoff season and Mark Long’s milestone 50th birthday.

The guests weren’t just OGs either, although many people consider Johnny Bananas amongst the OGs as a longtime Challenge star. He was there with his girlfriend, Morgan Willett, along with other MTV Challenge stars, including Amber M, Da’Vonne Rogers, and Georgia Harrison.

The party even included Are You The One? stars who haven’t been on The Challenge, and of course, other guests who haven’t been big stars on TV shows, necessarily. Scott Yager was in attendance as a friend of many cast members, a fan of the show, and as a Challenge Mania Podcast host alongside Derrick Kosinski.

Scott attended several of the fun-filled celebrations in California. That also included an excursion with All Stars cast members to the Sugar Factory, which he and others shared on Instagram following the fun times they had. Following the celebratory events, he also took time out to answer fan questions on IG, including some that focused on Season 37 and All Stars 2.

When is The Challenge Season 37 going to start?

During the IG Q&A, a fan asked Scott if he knew “approximately when Season 37 will air” as the show is known to be filming episodes since resuming production after a brief shutdown due to COVID-19.

“I would guess September the latest, but could be even earlier based on how they rushed 36 out. So August/September is my prediction,” Scott shared in an IG Story slide.

the challenge season 37 speculation via scott yager on ig story
Pic credit: @scottofyager/Instagram Story

Scott didn’t name any names about whether or not any cast members attended the Reality Rushmore Party or other events in California. However, Season 37 spoilers revealed at least one cast member in various footage posted by other party guests online.

The Challenge: Double Agents, Season 36 of MTV’s show, aired 22 episodes, including a two-episode reunion special. The season was on MTV from early December 2020 through late April 2021.

With the year now half over, it seems like Scott’s prediction is pretty spot-on since a Vevmo forum thread (spoilers) indicates the Season 37 cast began an initial quarantine as of April 11. While a positive COVID-19 test delayed production briefly and required another quarantine period for the cast, production has been filming for several weeks.

Will there be All Stars Season 2?

In another question, a fan asked for some “Season 2 All Star tea” from Scott and he gave the word that he believes the spinoff’s second season will definitely happen. Scott shared his speculation on when it might happen, which could be great news for Challenge fans.

“It’s happening. I’d bet on it airing by end of the year. I say they film by end of summer and it airs after S37. But that’s my guess,” Scott shared on his IG Story reply.

scott yager comments on challenge all stars 2 on IG Story
Pic credit: @scottofyager/Instagram Story

Take the above with a grain of salt and as speculation for now. However, it’s coming from a pretty solid source of Challenge information who was hanging around old school and new school cast members, along with others who may be involved with the shows.

There’s been no announcement of a second All Stars season, nor has there been any behind-the-scenes details about a finalized cast or episodes starting to film. However, a lot of other things point towards a second season happening.

While Paramount Plus hasn’t revealed any viewership numbers for All Stars Season 1, most fans and media outlet reviews have praised the first season. Based on that and social media popularity, it seemed like a no-brainer there would be at least a second season due to the evident popularity.

It was previously reported that over 100 former cast members from Real World and Road Rules expressed interest in being part of a future season. With that in mind, it will be pretty interesting to see who makes the next OG spinoff show’s cast.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are currently available on Paramount Plus. The Challenge Season 37 is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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