Teen Mom OG: Kristina Shirley wants more respect and gratitude from Amber after she claims to be a ‘priority’

Kristina Shirley and Amber Portwood of Teen Mom OG
Kristina Shirley wants respect and gratitude from Amber Portwood. Pic credit: MTV

In this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Kristina Shirley said that she wishes Amber Portwood was more respectful and grateful for what she and Gary have done for her daughter, Leah.

Amber has come under fire lately for her absence in her daughter Leah’s life. Viewers watched last week as Leah was let down again by Amber, who didn’t show up for Leah’s birthday celebration.

Leah didn’t hold back when talking about her feelings toward Amber

Leah took time to really get candid about how she feels about her mom in the episode. Leah told Gary that being a mom isn’t just about giving birth to someone and that she considers Kristina her mother.

Leah told Gary of Amber, “There will always be this hole where there should have been something else.”

Gary tried to smooth things over with Amber in a phone call that ended in her hanging up on him. Gary called out Amber for claiming to want one-on-one time, but not going anywhere.

Leah and Gary Shirley of Teen Mom OG
Leah got candid with Gary about how she feels about her mom, Amber. Pic credit: MTV

Amber claimed to be a ‘priority’ in Leah’s life, despite being absent

Amber told Gary, “I’m priority” and claimed that she has been a “hermit” for good reasons, citing the pandemic as an excuse for not leaving her house or visiting with Leah.

Kristina sat down to talk to Gary about his conversation with Amber. Gary noted that after all the times she has bailed on spending time with Leah, all of a sudden she wants to be a big part of her life.

Kristina noted that Leah wants to give up on her relationship with Amber. But Gary is the one encouraging Leah to try to to have a relationship with Amber, and Kristina supported that.

Kristina told Gary, “I want her to have a relationship with her mom but I also want Amber to follow through and put Leah, for once, first.”

Kristina listed Amber’s choices that led to her broken relationship with Leah

Gary said that Leah is hurt, and Kristina pointed out that all of the strong emotions she’s feeling stem from the past. She noted that the downfall started with Amber going to prison, then being released, then beginning dating Matt, then pushing Leah to the side.

Kristina continued the timeline of events, noting that Amber then got back on the right track with Leah but got together with Andrew and pushed Leah to the side again.

Gary had a problem with Amber bad-mouthing Kristina, as would be expected. Kristina thought the reason Amber bad-mouths her is because she feels threatened.

But Kristina admitted that she’s never “been there to step on her toes” and never “been there to replace her.”

Gary admitted Amber doesn’t do the things that moms typically do with their kids, like wake up every day and take Leah to school.

Kristina voiced that she wished Amber was more respectful and grateful for what she and Gary do for Leah. Kristina named a couple of examples, like taking Leah for her flu shot, and to the dentist, noting that Amber doesn’t do those things with her daughter.

Kristina said, “I mean, she can bad mouth me all she wants, but guess I can sleep at night knowing that I’ve done good by Leah and if it wasn’t for me then Leah wouldn’t have a mom still in her life you know what I mean?”

Kristina got emotional talking about the hurt Amber has caused Leah and admitted she’s ‘over it’

She also pointed out to Gary that it took Leah 12 years to feel comfortable enough to talk to Amber about her feelings.

Kristina teared up as she said “I’m over it.”

Gary told her, “You’re a good role model, Kristina, thank you.”

Kristina and Gary’s daughter Emilee lovingly comforted her mom when she started to cry.

Kristina admitted that she hates that Leah has to feel the pain of abandonment, and said that no 12-year-old “should ever feel like that.”

Amber threw major shade at Kristina recently

Amber recently attacked Kristina in an Instagram live video, then went on another rant about Kristina after someone mentioned her son, James.

Kristina seemed to take aim at Amber with a post on Easter about “difficult people.”

Despite failed attempts to mend her relationship with Leah, Amber continues to claim that she’s been a good mom. However, her actions say otherwise, and the show’s fans want Amber to be fired from the show.

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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1 year ago

I really, really do think, and FEAR, that Amber will commit suicide.