Teen Mom fans take aim at Amber Portwood after she claims to be a ‘good mom’

Amber Portwood on Teen Mom OG.
Amber Portwood talked about her relationship with Leah on Teen Mom OG. Pic credit: MTV

Amber Portwood opened up about her situation with her daughter, Leah Shirley, on a recent episode of Teen Mom OG.

Viewers learned that her daughter had many feelings about her, many of them stemming from other relationships Amber was in and when Leah felt neglected.

It all came to a head when Amber broke plans with her daughter because she didn’t feel well. The exchange was not filmed for Teen Mom OG, but Amber talked about it with her producer and later in the episode with her mother.

Amber claims she is a ‘good mom’ on Teen Mom OG

The most recent episode of Teen Mom OG featured more conversations about Amber Portwood and her daughter Leah Shirley. Things weren’t going well for Amber as her dog was sick and getting sicker as time passed. Madison was a part of her life for over a decade.

While talking to her therapist or counselor, Amber repeated that she was a “good mom” more than once. It was almost as if the more she said it, the easier it was for her to convince herself.

Viewers have long had judgments about Amber Portwood and her parenting. From the decisions she made dating Matt Baier and Andrew Glennon to her physical altercations with Gary Shirley, the things that have played out on the MTV show did little to prove her point.

Teen Mom OG fans call out Amber Portwood

As the episode aired, Teen Mom OG fans took to social media to blast Amber Portwood for calling herself a good mother. Viewers who have watched since the beginning had their own opinions, many of them the exact opposite of what the reality TV star said.

Many called out Amber for her “false sense of confidence” for believing what she was saying.

Near the end, Gary sat and talked with Leah about what was happening with Madison. They discussed some of what was happening with the dog and things about Amber. He has always been there to support his daughter’s relationship with her mom, even when he could have been nasty about it.

Teen Mom OG viewers commented on Gary not dogging Amber.
Pic credit: @Sabrina69420999/Twitter

The preview for next week’s episode shows Leah telling Gary that Kristina has stepped up into the role of mom. Kristina is quick to remind her stepdaughter that she is just her bonus mom, but it was evident that Leah thinks the world of her.

It is clear Amber Portwood thinks she is a good mom, but much of the Teen Mom OG viewership disagrees with that statement.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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