Latest Teen Mom OG episode shows strained relationship between Amber and her daughter Leah

Amber Portwood on Teen Mom OG.
Amber heard about how Leah feels on last night’s Teen Mom OG. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG has been hitting some heavy topics in recent episodes, including delving into Amber Portwood’s relationship with her preteen daughter Leah Shirley.

Viewers have watched as Amber’s life has been tumultuous since the beginning. From her stint in prison to her volatile relationships, everything that has happened to her has also affected her daughter.

Now, Leah is telling Amber how she is feeling, and the result isn’t anything that is warm and fuzzy.

Leah tells Amber how she feels on Teen Mom OG

During a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, Amber Portwood had to cancel plans with Leah. She revealed that she wasn’t feeling well and had to get a COVID-19 test. While the reality TV star communicated with Gary Shirley about the cancellation, she wasn’t prepared for how Leah would feel about it.

The conversation was not filmed, which was likely a good thing. Amber relayed the information to her producer, which is where all of the reactions have come from.

As Amber Portwood explained that Leah felt she couldn’t fully bond with her because of the men she has had in her life, the Teen Mom OG star didn’t deny her actions.

The show flashed back to Amber being what some could call mean toward her young daughter when she didn’t want to stay with her and Matt Baier and called Leah a “butthole” while toasting with Andrew Glennon to their first night with James.

Teen Mom OG viewers react to Amber Portwood’s comments

Social media lit up following the recent episode of Teen Mom OG. Amber Portwood talked about Leah’s conversation and then talked with her own mother about what to do.

Viewers who have been watching since the beginning called her out for asking her mother for advice, given the relationship they have had over the years. Others praised Gary and Kristina Shirley for being a stable environment for Leah as she grows up and faces the world.

One fan said, “Amber needs to give Leah space and let her lead in whichever at makes her feel comfortable. #TeenMomOG”

Others called Amber out about playing the victim. One Twitter user said, “Amber needs to check herself! Leah is allowed to have feelings and be upset with her for a lot of years of neglect. Amber can’t play the victim forever #TeenMomOG.”

Teen Mom tweet about Amber and Leah.
Pic credit: @jaebrinkley/Twitter

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a resolution for the mother and daughter. Amber Portwood will have to work on the relationship with Leah, and it looks like it won’t be something that will happen overnight.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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