Was Kristina Shirley’s ‘difficult people’ Easter post aimed at Amber Portwood amid Teen Mom feud?

Amber Portwood and Kristina Shirley of Teen Mom OG
Fans wonder if Kristina Shirley’s latest post about “difficult people” was meant for Amber Portwood. Pic credit: MTV

The feud between Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood and Gary and Kristina Shirley has been heating up recently.

On Easter, Kristina posted a photo with the words, “Be kind to everyone, be patient with difficult people.”

Several fans commented on the post to applaud Kristina for the patience and kindness she’s shown toward Amber throughout all of the drama as many assumed the post was directed at her.

Amber has taken to Instagram several times over the last couple of weeks to make derogatory statements about Gary and Kristina.

Gary and Kristina have kept quiet on social media regarding the feud and have not retaliated against Amber’s multiple rants.

Kristina’s recent post was likely a subtle way of responding to Amber’s angry rants. While she didn’t directly come out and address Amber, fans speculated that she was the “difficult” person the post was likely referring to.

Amber Portwood goes off about Kristina Shirley on Easter

As Kristina shared her quote on Instagram, Amber was not as subtle and had some things to say about Kristina.

Amber’s most recent tirade came after she posted a picture with her daughter Leah Shirley for Easter.

Fans asked why she hadn’t posted anything about her son James, who she shares with her ex-boyfriend, Andrew Glennon.

In her reply, which has since been deleted from the post, instead of addressing why she wasn’t with her son, Amber posted a lengthy response and had some choice words for Kristina.

She said, “I have 1 question for her…How does it feel knowing she doesn’t have joint custody of her daughter the same as me because shr [sic] chose this life over her. Shr [sic] has no excuse for that. Not one thing! She should be ashamed to even act like she’s such a great mother. SHE HAS NO PICTURES OF HER OWN DAUGHTER ON HER INSTAGRAM..Honestly it’s sad.”

She continued, “And I feel for her.. Remember I use [sic] to talk to HER daughters “bonus mom” and I was told everything! She can’t even have her daughters name mentioned on the show! People come at me like I’m a mess when the truth is I’ve been keeping a lot of secrets from people.”

Amber went on to criticize Kristina for not having her own daughter in any of her pictures. She also pointed out that while she’s made mistakes in the past, she has changed for the better.

Amber alluded to the fact that she was holding back information and said that while people think she’s a mess, she has been “keeping a lot of secrets from people.”

Amber said that she felt Kristina used Leah to fill a void from not seeing her own daughter.

Kristina’s relationship with Leah

While Amber clearly has some issues with Kristina’s relationship with her daughter Leah, episodes of Teen Mom OG have portrayed Kristina as a supportive and caring stepmother.

On a recent episode, Kristina gave Leah a ring for her birthday and became emotional as she told her she loved her like she was her own daughter.

Fans have praised the way Gary and Kristina have stepped up to be there for Leah and do not seem to agree with Amber’s perspective on the entire situation.

Whether or not Kristina’s recent post was directed at Amber remains to be seen.

Fans can tune in to the latest episodes of Teen Mom OG as the drama continues to play out.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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