Teen Mom OG fans want Amber Portwood fired from the show

Amber Portwood on Teen Mom OG
Fans want Amber Portwood fired from Teen Mom OG. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood has insisted that she is a good mother despite her strained relationship with her daughter Leah Shirley.

The tension between the two of them came to a head when Amber canceled plans with Leah because she wasn’t feeling well.

Leah recently opened up and shared that she had felt neglected by Amber. She attributed that to the way that Amber treated her while she was in relationships with other men.

In talking with her therapist, Amber repeated several times that she was a good mom. After watching things unfold, several fans took to social media and blasted her parenting style.

Many Teen Mom viewers have felt that Amber has been anything but a good mother. Some felt she even cared more about her dog than she did her own children.

Following the most recent episode, news broke that the Edwards family had reportedly been fired from the Teen Mom franchise. As fans began talking about the possibility, many wondered why Amber wasn’t on the list to get chopped by the network.

Fans want Amber Portwood fired from the show

After several seasons of watching Amber struggle to take care of herself and her children, fans have finally had enough.

Viewers took to social media to share their disgust with Amber’s actions and wondered why MTV hadn’t considered firing her from the show.

A Teen Mom fan page shared a post from a follower who questioned why Amber hadn’t been fired already. They cited that the network had allegedly fired Larry Edwards for a fight with Taylor McKinney, but Amber had been a repeat offender of alleged crimes such as domestic abuse and remained on the show.

Other fans criticized MTV for not firing Amber after she put her hands on people like Gary Shirley and her other exes.

A fan thinks Amber should have been fired when she put her hands on people.
A fan thinks Amber should have been fired when she put her hands on people. Pic credit: @scameishia_pyrexprincezz/Instagram

One fan even went as far as to compare Amber to Jenelle Evans’ husband David Eason, who had been fired from the network.

A fan compared Amber to David Eason.
A fan compared Amber to David Eason. Pic credit: @mamamamabillsyall/Instagram

Gary and Kristina continue to support Leah

While fans are in an uproar over Amber’s parenting skills, Gary and his wife Kristina have continued to step up and support Leah.

In a preview of an upcoming episode, Leah was shown telling her father that Kristina felt like more of a mother to her. Kristina kindly reminded Leah that she was more like her bonus mom.

MTV has yet to comment on any recent firings. Fans continue to hope that they’ll consider letting Amber go.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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