Survivor 42 start date revealed for Spring 2022

Jeff Probst S41 Opening Scene
Jeff Probst returns as the host for Survivor 42 in Spring 2022. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The Survivor 42 start date just got revealed by CBS and the new season will begin in Spring 2022.

The filming of Survivor 42 was already finished in Fiji, with production taking place right after Survivor 41 named its winner.

Production of the hit reality competition show has revolved around filming back-to-back seasons on location in order to cut costs, meaning the 42nd season was done filming before Survivor fans had even watched the first episode of the 41st season.

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Currently, Survivor 41 is airing Wednesday nights on CBS, with a lot of twists and turns in order to spark excitement among fans who missed watching the show.

When is the Survivor 42 start date?

A short and simple post was made to the social media accounts today in order to get Survivor fans excited about what is in store for Spring 2022.

“#Survivor 42 is coming for you, March 9th!” reads the caption of a GIF showing off host Jeff Probst getting excited during a challenge.

For fans who want to jump ahead, we already know the names of the Survivor 42 cast members, so it’s easy to look ahead and pick out who you might want to root for when the season finally arrives.

The expectation is that Survivor 42 will return to the familiar 8/7c timeslot on Wednesday nights and that it will begin once the season finale of Celebrity Big Brother 3 has taken place.

The new season of Celebrity Big Brother also just revealed its season premiere date, with new episodes taking place during Winter 2022. One of the nights that CBB3 will air is Wednesday, suggesting that we might also be able to predict when the finale date for that new installment will take place.

Survivor 41 packed with twists

It was a long time between Survivor: Winners at War airing on CBS and then the beginning of Survivor 41. That gap of time was hard for Survivor fans, who just wanted to see a new season of the show. In order to spark additional excitement, Jeff Probst and the other producers added a lot of new elements for Season 41.

One castaway who feels there are too many twists is Sydney Segal. She said as much during several recent interviews after she was eliminated from the game.

It was because of the hourglass twist on the last episode that Sydney ended up becoming the next person voted out at Tribal Council. Survivor fans continue to be divided about whether or not it was a fair way for someone to get sent packing.

To find out how the final 11 castaways play out the rest of the season, make sure to tune in on Wednesday evenings to see who becomes the Survivor 41 winner.

Survivor 42 will air on CBS during Spring 2022.

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2 years ago

Now that the American anti-white racist political failure Omarosa and mentally ill sexual deviant also political failure narcissist Bruce Jenner have been kicked to the curb, its time to watch Australia’s Big Brother from today on, which is hilarious and the way the game is supposed to be played with absolutely no PC woke SJW BLM anti-white hypocrite skin color crap. It’s diverse in the sense that it accurately represents the 3D world statistical demographics, so no “See-BS” game rigging or absurd 50% POC BS. Enjoy!

What is truly absurd is the amount of money paid to the 2 disgusting Americans to be on the show. Omarosa $450k and Bruce $550k the highest of the entire cast, in fact more than all other cast members combined!! All of the other cast members are paid in the neighborhood of $20k. Unbelievable.

Omorasa was the first cast member voted out within 24 hours! LOL Gotta love it! :)

2 years ago
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