Survivor 41: Sydney Segal answered fan questions after elimination

Sydney Segal Survivor 41
Sydney Segal was not happy about getting voted off of Survivor 41. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Sydney Segal was eliminated on the latest episode of Survivor, bringing her journey toward that $1 million prize to an end.

Erika Casupanan smashed an hourglass that changed the results of the Merge Challenge, forcing Sydney to take part in an Individual Immunity Challenge.

Going up against five other castaways, Syndey lost that Immunity Challenge and then found herself voted out of the game at Tribal Council.

Following her last episode of Survivor 41, Sydney took the time to answer some questions that fans had for her about her time in the game.

A 26-year-old law student from Los Angeles, California, Sydney Segal finished Survivor 41 in 12th place, but she is certainly someone who could be brought back for a future season. And if her latest interviews are any indication, she would likely relish playing on a season of villains.

Sydney Segal answers questions from Survivor fans

One fan asked Sydney why she didn’t try to have people target Naseer at the fateful Tribal Council. She explained that it was a terrible idea after making a quick joke about not knowing who Naseer was.

Another Survivor fan asked Sydney if she regretted playing the “Shot in the Dark” twist at Tribal Council. She said she didn’t and took full credit for making Survivor history by being the first person to play it.

Sydney was also asked about the whispering and chatting that took place during her final Tribal Council and if it was unfair that host Jeff Probst allowed it to happen. She said that she didn’t find it unfair.

Sydney Segal reacts to getting voted off of Survivor

Following her elimination from Survivor 41, Sydney Segal did an extended interview with ET Canada about how the season went for her. She shared a lot of opinions about Tribal Council, the twists that she didn’t like, and how she would have immediately smashed the hourglass as soon as Jeff Probst gave it to her if she was in Erika’s position.

Sydney also called Survivor 41 “The Season of Advantages” and said that “I hate everyone” as she spoke about her game coming to an end far too early.

The interview is well worth watching, as Sydney spoke about the chaos of that Tribal Council that sent her home and how all of the floating advantages put her in a bad spot. She also said “I hope your ratings go down” after the “most entertaining player” on the show got sent home.

There are some interesting Survivor spoilers floating around about another big twist coming. If the twist does play out in the fashion that has been reported, it will be very fun to hear what Sydney Segal has to say about it. If we had to guess, she won’t be able to hide her disdain.

Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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