Celebrity Big Brother season premiere date revealed

Julie Chen Back CBB
Julie Chen Moonves returns to host Big Brother: Celebrity Edition in Winter 2022. Pic credit: CBS

The Celebrity Big Brother season premiere date for 2022 has been announced and it’s time to get excited about this winter.

Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves let fans know that celebrities would be residing in the house as BB23 was coming to an end this past summer.

Now, finally, we know when the first episode for Celebrity Big Brother 3 is going to be airing on CBS.

This also suggests that our prediction about when the celebrities will be revealed could wind up being very accurate.

When is the Celebrity Big Brother 3 start date?

The Celebrity Big Brother 3 start date is Wednesday, February 2. The date itself might seem like a long way off, but at least we can now write it on the calendar in pen.

“Your winter just got more exciting! Celebrity Big Brother is back Wednesday, February 2 and we’re already counting down the days. #BBCeleb,” reads the message that the show just shared on social media.

As a reminder, Big Brother: Celebrity Edition is a version of the reality competition show that has celebrities competing for the season. This is not to be confused with Big Brother: All-Stars, which brings back popular and successful people who have already played on the show before.

Some early Celebrity Big Brother cast rumors

It wouldn’t be Big Brother if there weren’t a lot of rumors about who might end up playing the game during an upcoming season – and that’s no different when it comes to the celebrity version of the hit show.

It wasn’t that long ago that some names started popping up in the Celebrity Big Brother rumors. Boston Rob Mariano, Jax Taylor, and Kellyanne Conway were mentioned as three people who the Big Brother producers were interested in seeing play the game.

Prior to that trio, Tiffany Pollard and Clay Aiken surfaced in Big Brother rumors that suggested they would be good for the show.

And earlier in November, Lisa Rinna and Scott Disick surfaced as two more potential CBB3 houseguests.

The list of celebrities getting linked in one way or another to the Winter 2022 season of Big Brother will continue to grow as the season premiere starts to get closer. But at least we now know when the first episode is going to air on CBS, so the revelation of the official Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 3 cast list will be made public shortly before that.

Celebrity Big Brother airs on CBS during Winter 2022.

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2 years ago

If old contestants are going to compete again, I won’t be watching! I am sick of watching old contestants compete over again. They need to give new people a chance to compete!

2 years ago

What is truly absurd is the amount of money paid to the 2 disgusting Americans to be on the show. Omarosa $450k and Bruce $550k the highest of the entire cast, in fact more than all other cast members combined!! All of the other cast members are paid in the neighborhood of $20k. Unbelievable.

The best part is Omorasa was the first cast member voted out within 24 hours! LOL Gotta love it! :)