When will Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast be revealed officially?

Julie Chen CBB3
Julie Chen Moonves returns as the Celebrity Big Brother host this winter. Pic credit: CBS

The Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast reveal is eagerly anticipated by most Big Brother fans this winter, but it could still be a while until we get the confirmed list of houseguests.

There have been some interesting names popping up in Big Brother rumors lately, but it is also far too early to know for sure if they are going to be a part of the CBB3 cast this year.

What we do know is that CBS had enough faith in the franchise to bring it back for another installment and that Julie Chen Moonves is going to be returning as the host.

We also have a history that we can look back on when it comes to learning when that Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast list could be revealed to CBS viewers.

When will Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast be announced?

Since the Celebrity Big Brother 3 start date hasn’t been announced, we can only make an educated guess this early in the process about when the CBB3 cast list is coming out.

The Winter 2019 season (Celebrity Big Brother 2) debuted on Monday, January 21. Ahead of that, CBS aired TV commercials during NFL action on Sunday, January 13 that revealed the members of the CBB2 cast.

As for the first season of Celebrity Big Brother USA, the cast was announced during the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. The award show took place on Sunday, January 28 that year. Then, the CBB USA season premiere aired on Wednesday, February 7.

This likely foreshadows that we probably won’t learn the cast for Celebrity Big Brother 3 until about a week to 10 days ahead of the season premiere. And if we stick with the early assumption that CBS will debut CBB3 in February, then it could be several months until the celebrity houseguests are revealed.

Below is what the commercials looked like that aired in 2018.

More thoughts about the Celebrity Big Brother Winter 2022 season

The 64th Annual Grammy Awards air on Sunday, January 31 in 2022. Since CBS will be providing the coverage from Staples Center again, that would be the perfect night to air some new Celebrity Big Brother commercials.

Advertising the names of the new houseguests at the end of January would then set the stage for the show to premiere during the second week of February. And announcing ahead of time that the Grammy Awards will be providing those names during commercial breaks could increase the ratings for the annual music awards show.

These are all just estimations about how CBS and the show producers will plan out the big reveal this winter, but the big takeaway is that we still have a lot of time to wait for the Celebrity Big Brother cast list. That’s plenty of time for host Julie Chen Moonves to tease Big Brother fans on social media about the new season and for new rumors about possible CBB 3 cast members to pop up.

Below is a look back to when early interviews for the Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast were revealed.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during Winter 2022.

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