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Celebrity Big Brother 3: Everything you need to know about new season

Celebrity Big Brother First Cast
Celebrity Big Brother USA returns for a new season set in Winter 2022. Pic credit: CBS

Celebrity Big Brother 3 is coming to CBS this winter.

After taking a break from the celebrity edition of Big Brother USA, the network decided to bring it back for a Winter 2022 season.

The good news here is that Big Brother fans are going to get to see a whole new group of celebrities playing the game for the first time.

That announcement about CBB 3 taking place came as a bit of a surprise as well, because it had seemed like the network was done trying to work out contracts in order to get celebrities to appear on the show.

When is the Celebrity Big Brother 3 start date?

The exact air date for the Celebrity Big Brother 3 season premiere has not been released yet, but it looks like the first episode will air in February 2022. The first Celebrity Big Brother USA season started on a Wednesday evening, but Celebrity Big Brother 2 started on a Monday night.

We expect more information to come out about the CBB 3 season premiere when CBS releases its full winter schedule of programs.

Who will be on Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast?

Big Brother fans should not get too excited about the level of stardom for the celebrities making up the CBB 3 cast. They won’t be A-list actors or actresses and they are unlikely to be on the B-list either.

Instead, we are likely to see actors or actresses who used to be stars, recognizable faces from other reality shows, television show hosts, athletes, comedians, and/or maybe even someone from the world of politics.

Some notable people who have appeared on Celebrity Big Brother include comedian Tom Green, Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, singer Mark McGrath, The Apprentice star Omarosa, actor Joey Lawrence, Olympic runner Lolo Jones, actress Shannon Elizabeth, actress Keshia Knight Pulliam, and Real Housewives star Brandi Glanville.

Who won Celebrity Big Brother 1?

Broadway actress Marissa Jaret Winokur won Celebrity Big Brother 1 over 10 other houseguests. She beat out celebrity host Ross Mathews by a 6-3 vote on the finale, taking home a $250,000 prize for a game that lasted 26 days.

Who won Celebrity Big Brother 2?

Reality show star and singer Tamar Braxton won Celebrity Big Brother 2 over 11 other houseguests. She won on finale night with a unanimous 9-0 vote over former NFL star Ricky Williams. CBB 2 lasted for 29 days and also had a $250,000 prize for the winner.

How many episodes will there be for Celebrity Big Brother 3?

The first two seasons of Celebrity Big Brother USA had 13 episodes, but there was also additional coverage provided on Pop with Celebrity Big Brother: After Dark. The late-night version of the show was another way for TV viewers to keep up with the celebrities. The show also provided live feed coverage for subscribers.

Stay tuned, because as soon as CBS starts revealing the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast and the exact start date, we will make sure to pass on that information.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 will air on CBS during Winter 2022.

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      • ANY alliance solely based on skin color targeting another skin color is racism and entirely unacceptable. By definition this is racial discrimination. Period.

        As for the first black winner, first of all, it was the US media, literally the entire media, rejoicing over Tamar Braxton winning BB USA in 2019. Do a search and see for yourself, the headlines in 2019 were the same as they are today in 2021, and I quote: “Tamar Braxton Wins ‘Big Brother,’ Becomes U.S. Version’s First Black Winner”. Not my words, but the words of the the very same media networks that are sensationalizing this absurdity again today. Big Brother is Big Brother is Big Brother, “celebrity” or not, they’re playing the exact same game, same house, same rules, same host and runs every year. Bottom line, it is absolutely ridiculous to claim a first in history twice. Only in America.

        Secondly, Big Brother is not a US show. CBS does not own Big Brother, they license it. If looking at the entire BB franchise history, indeed there have already been hundreds of black winners. Women. Asian. POC. Whites. Gay. All of the above. I personally watched the Canada and Australia versions in 2021, both of which had black winners. Neither of which achieved the win based on any racist alliances, “victim” sympathy votes or even so much as a mention of skin color – they did so on their own individual merit – the way the game is meant to be played.

        CBS clearly has violated the BB franchise as well as their very own rules for this season and this season only. Why is that? It is a disgusting double standard and this is why people are ticked off. Also, if a white man ever called a black women “F**k that B**ch!”, not once, but multiple times and then proceeded to confront and threaten her, he would have been yanked from the show immediately (they have done this in past seasons already) and the black community as well as US media would have gone completely bonkers over it. But because the perpetrator is black and gay, none of that happened did it. In fact, nothing at all was said or done about it! Somehow he is immune to accountability. This is even more reason why people are ticked off.

        Ultimately, this season, which has the lowest ratings of any season of BB USA, has set a new precedent, a dangerous one, opening the door to race wars in future seasons that inevitably will be the downfall of the US version of the game and further damage race relations in America. If that is even possible, considering just how bad it is today. Lets face it, racism is big business in America. People, majority of which are dark skinned, are going to propagate and profit from it to no end. Pathetic as it may be, without anti-white racism, tens of millions would have no income and no purpose in life.

        You seem to think black people are owed something here, lets look back at history in America, African American “Buffalo Soldiers” are equally responsible for the extermination of native American indians, as well as discriminating against white immigrants in the early 20th century and therefor are not immune to accountability for their actions. They did to others precisely what they claim whites did to them. The epitome of hypocrisy. And now that CBS is claiming “diversity”, where are the native Indian cast members then anyway? I digress.

        Big Brother US and CBS are despicable for not only allowing, but encouraging such reprehensibly disgusting behavior.

        100% human
        100% impartialence!


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