Full Survivor 42 cast list: It appears all names have been revealed

Jeff Probst CBS
Jeff Probst just finished hosting Survivor 42 castaways in Fiji. Pic credit: CBS

The full Survivor 42 cast list has been posted by one of the fan sites of the show, providing a very early look at the castaways who will be featured in the early 2022 season on CBS.

Survivor 42 recently finished filming, so it has to be edited for episodes that could begin airing in late January or early February 2022.

The news about Survivor 42 should not be confused with the other upcoming season of the show that will be featured on CBS. In the fall of 2021, the Survivor 41 cast will finally take center stage, with that season also recently finishing filming in Fiji.

It’s great that the reality competition show is back and ready to air two new installments during the 2021-2022 television season. It’s also worth noting again that we are only going to see new people competing. There are no returners advertised for the next year of content.

The full Survivor 42 cast list

Below is a full Survivor 42 cast list that Inside Survivor has provided to its readers. They have partial bios for all 18 people that just finished playing their season in Fiji. We won’t get confirmation from CBS about these names until the season gets closer to its debut, but it’s certainly exciting to get an early look at the castaways.

As a reminder, these are only considered to be rumored names as it is a fan site providing them and not CBS. Still, Inside Survivor usually has big scoops and correct information way in advance of the new seasons.

  • Chanelle Howell: 28-year-old recruiter from New York, NY.
  • Daniel Strunk: 30-year-old law clerk from Ann Arbor, MI.
  • Drea Wheeler: 34-year-old fitness trainer from Montreal, Quebec.
  • Hai Giang: 28-year-old analytics director from New Orleans, LA.
  • Jackson Fox: 47-year-old from Charlotte, NC.
  • Jonathan Young: 28-year-old beach rental business owner from Gulf Shores, AL.
  • Jenny Kim: 42-year-old designer from New York, NY.
  • Lindsay Dolashewich: 30-year-old dietician from Summit, NJ.
  • Lydia Meredith: 22-year-old actress from Los Angeles, CA.
  • Marya Sherron: 46-year-old educational consultant from Indianapolis, IN.
  • Maryanne Oketch: 22-year-old integrated science student from Hamilton, Ontario.
  • Mike Turner: 57-year-old retired firefighter from Hoboken, NJ.
  • Omar Zaheer: 30-year-old exotic animal veterinarian from Guelph, Ontario.
  • Rocksroy Bailey: 43-year-old environmental scientist from Las Vegas, NV.
  • Romeo Escobar: 34-year-old TV producer and pageant director from Los Angeles, CA.
  • Swati Goel: 19-year-old student from Stanford, CA.
  • Tori Meehan: 24-year-old grad student from Tulsa, OK.
  • Zach Wurtengerger: 21-year-old communications and media studies student from Weston, FL.

A lot of Survivor is coming soon to CBS

Survivor fans will get to watch a lot of new castaways playing the game over the next few years. We should get to see Survivor 41 in the fall of 2021, then Survivor 42 in early 2022, and then Survivor 43 in the fall of 2022. In fact, applications are still open for seasons beyond that, showing how confident the producers and CBS are that the show will be around for a while.

Host Jeff Probst is back for the new seasons, and he has intermittently been sharing live videos from Fiji. Jeff even helped celebrate Survivor’s anniversary with a live video on the beaches of Fiji. It was filmed right before he was heading to host a challenge.

We can’t wait to see Jeff officially introduce the new players and find out why he called Survivor 41 “super dangerous” in a recent video.

Survivor returns in the fall of 2021 on CBS.

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Jeff Varner
1 year ago

Jackson Fox is showing a deception.

1 year ago

“Diverse” unbalanced game rigging so a POC wins. No thanks Probst. You and CBS can GFYS.