Sister Wives spoiler: Robyn Brown seemingly behind Kody’s strict COVID-19 rules, other wives ‘suspicious’

Robyn Brown of Sister Wives
Many Sister Wives fans believe Robyn Brown is responsible for the strict COVID-19 rules that Kody Brown had his family follow. Pic credit: TLC

Many Sister Wives viewers believe that Kody Brown’s fourth wife, Robyn Brown, is behind the strict COVID-19 rules imposed upon their large, polygamous family.

Beginning last season on Sister Wives, viewers have watched the Browns navigate the coronavirus pandemic while struggling to agree on how to do it.

As the self-imposed leader of the family, Kody Brown decided that he would be the only one to travel between each of his wives’ homes to limit exposure to the virus.

This season, Sister Wives have watched Kody continue to crack down on his “inhumane” protocols, causing more division among the family.

During last week’s episode of Sister Wives, viewers were shocked to learn that Kody not only abandoned his daughter Ysabel during her back surgery but refused to help Christine with her aftercare.

Lengthy list of COVID-19 rules revealed in Sister Wives preview

At the end of the episode, a preview clip from the upcoming episode of Sister Wives played and showed Kody and his wives going over a long list of COVID-19 rules.

Christine sat down outside and pulled out the long list of rules while Janelle could be heard asking, “Wow, are these the rules you guys follow at your house?”

The list, seemingly drafted by Kody’s wife Robyn, but actually drafted by Kody, had very specific demands. It turns out the list was actually typed up by Kody and given to his and Robyn’s nanny to follow.

Some of the list (which he titled Rules for Family Social Exposure) that could be read as it flashed on the screen included the following rules:

“Wear mask in public, sanitize hands after shopping, wash hands often, sanitize [purchased] products and groceries with alcohol wipes before placing inside house, remove shoes outside, change clothing after entering shops, other homes or businesses, only local family allowed in home unless abiding in these rules, no eating at sit down restaurants, only take out, limit shopping, use curbside pickup, two week quarantine after travel or having visitors, no movie theaters, bars, fitness centers or restaurants, etc., if in person shopping is absolutely necessary ten foot social distancing sanitizing hands, changing clothes after visiting shop, kids can see friends if maintaining 10 foot social distance.”

robyn brown shared her "rules for family social exposure" with the other spouses on last week's preview
Kody Brown’s “rules for family social exposure.” Pic credit: Discovery+

Robyn Brown upset that the other wives are ‘suspicious’ of her, asks them to ‘stop’

Robyn interjected and said, “I’m just gonna say it out loud” as Kody interrupted and said, “These are what [Robyn] follows.”

“I know everybody’s like, suspicious of me,” Robyn said as she raised her hands in frustration.

“Will you just please stop?” Robyn plead to the group, who met up outside to discuss their family following COVID-19 rules.

During his solo confessional, a bewildered Kody told the camera, “My kids are blaming Robyn for making the rules!”

Janelle could be seen with a somber expression as she says, “I’m at my wit’s end with this whole bulls**t stuff.”

Back outside, Kody asks Robyn, “Are you the head of the family?”

“Just stop,” Robyn told Kody as she put her hand up to signal him to lay off.

Kody’s wives screamed over each other as they tried to hear each other’s opinions, to no avail.

“Why in the world would anybody think that I’m somehow behind this?” a befuddled Robyn asked during her solo confessional.

Robyn and Kody recently came under fire by Sister Wives fans for shopping at Victoria’s Secret without wearing masks, despite implementing such strict rules upon the rest of the family.

Sister Wives fans have long surmised that Robyn is Kody’s favorite wife and according to a family source, she’s got him “wrapped around her finger.”

Because Kody has admitted to spending the majority of his time at Robyn’s house since the start of the pandemic, Sister Wives viewers seem even more convinced that Robyn is still plotting to become Kody’s only wife.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Some man
Some man
2 years ago

I think Kody is the worst father a kid could have, first not going to New Jersey for Ysabels’ surgery not helping Christine with post care then wanting Janelle to put her kids out.