Sister Wives: Kody and Christine Brown’s daughter Truely says Kody’s COVID-19 rules are ‘inhumane’

Truely and Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Truely Brown called her dad Kody Brown’s COVID-19 restrictions among the siblings “inhumane.” Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown expects his family to adhere to strict rules regarding COVID-19 protocols, but his daughter Truely isn’t on board with them.

TLC shared a deleted scene from Sister Wives on their official Instagram this week showing Christine Brown and her daughters Ysabel, 18, and Truely, 11, delivering a care package to Janelle’s daughter, Savanah, 17.

Christine explained that all of the kids were attending school virtually due to the pandemic in the video.

Christine, Ysabel, and Truely put together the care package for Savanah and delivered it in person to her at Janelle’s house.

Kody and Christine Brown’s daughters Ysabel and Truely open up about attending school virtually

Truely and Ysabel, who are Kody and Christine’s two youngest biological children, then had a turn on the couch for a confessional and talked about how much they disliked attending school virtually.

“The pandemic has been not fun, and seeing the family has really been minimal,” Truely told the camera dejectedly.

“And even when we do see family, we have to stay, like, 10 feet apart,” Truely added.

Sadly, Ysabel agreed and added her views, “I’d say it’s really, really hard not being able to hug my siblings and like, Ariella growing up and forgetting cuz she’s just so young, so if we’re not around her constantly, she’ll just like, slowly forget.”

Truely and Ysabel admitted that they’ve been driving each other crazy being stuck in the house together, and Truely joked that she’s “going insane and losing brain cells every day.”

Kody Brown’s daughter Truely calls his COVID-19 protocols ‘inhumane’

When Ysabel continued to harp on how hard it was not seeing her other siblings because of her dad Kody’s rules, Truely chimed in and told the camera it’s been “awful” and “inhumane.”

“Awful. It’s been awful,” Truely said with conviction. “It’s inhumane. It’s awful.”

Ysabel concurred as she nodded her head and said, “I agree.”

Ysabel told the producers that she and Truely didn’t totally abide by the social distancing rule of staying six feet apart from their sister, Savanah.

“Don’t tell Dad,” Ysabel sarcastically told the cameras.

Truely then chimed in and jokingly imitated Kody and what he would say in response to them not socially distancing from Savanah.

Ysabel and Truely Brown mock their dad Kody Brown over social distance rules

“How could you do this?!” Truely said, imitating her dad in her spot-on impression. “Why would you do this to us? You’re betraying your own family! Do you realize that we’re going to die because of you?”

Ysabel agreed with Truely’s impersonation and told the camera, “I think that’s pretty accurate.”

Sister Wives fans watched as Kody explained his logic for separating the family. Although each wife and their children were forced to quarantine from each other, Kody was making solo trips to each wife’s home.

Most Sister Wives fans felt that Kody was defeating the purpose of dishing out strict protocols for his family to follow when he could be solely and unknowingly responsible for spreading the virus among the family.

Last season, Kody’s COVID-19 rules for his large, plural family caused a major rift between himself and his second wife, Janelle.

We’ve watched Kody get irritated with Christine for traveling more than he would like this season. This only added more tension to their already crumbling marriage.

Be sure to tune in Sunday night to see what else happened that played a role in Christine’s split from Kody Brown.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Elaine House
Elaine House
2 years ago

Its not kody its b***h robyn making kidy do it. I see making the teens inforce it but these youngsters they don’t understand what’s going on. I agree with young truely.

2 years ago

Truely has been molded by her obsessive/compulsive mother, Christine. The child is one of the reasons her father is desperately trying to protect his family, as she is at risk the most. Truely is an ungrateful and self-centered child, who I hope will someday outgrow being a clone of her unbalanced mother. Any grown woman that teaches her child to disrespect a father that loves her is vicious human being.

2 years ago

Truely is just parroting what her ridiculous mother pounds into her children’s heads. The most at risk child in the family is Truely and her father is well aware of it. None of them have had Covid and that is due to their father’s love and his willingness to withstand the hate coming from Christine and Janelle.