Sister Wives fans call out Kody Brown for ‘defeating the purpose’ of enforcing COVID-19 protocols

Sister Wives' Kody Brown
Kody Brown acted hypocritically when it came to abiding by his own COVID-19 protocols. Pic credit: TLC

Kody Brown “defeated the purpose” of enforcing his own COVID-19 protocols during a family picnic and Sister Wives fans called him out for it.

During the latest episode of Sister Wives, Kody, his wives, and their kids met up at Coyote Pass for their first family get-together in five months.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Kody’s four wives were living even more separately than before.

Kody Brown and his wives continue to disagree over COVID-19 protocols

Kody decided that he would be the only family member to travel between each of his four wives’ homes, thinking it would cut down on the potential spread of the virus.

However, not all of Kody’s wives and kids agreed with his protocols and it caused further tension within the family.

Their communication breakdown was amplified once again when they met up for the picnic at Coyote Pass.

Robyn was the most vocal of the group, constantly reminding her two youngest children, Solomon and Ariella, to keep a six-foot distance from their siblings who live in different households.

kody brown ate from the family's smores stick on the last episode
Kody Brown eating from the smores stick during the family cookout at Coyote Pass. Pic credit: TLC

Despite Robyn and Kody’s constant reminders to their kids to keep their distance and Kody engaging in serious conversations with his sons about the dangers of COVID-19, Kody didn’t abide by his own safety precautions.

Sister Wives fans say Kody Brown ‘defeated the purpose’ of setting COVID-19 rules

Sister Wives viewers pointed out that Kody was interacting closely with each family member during the picnic. At several points during the scene, Kody put his mouth on the roasting stick that the rest of the family was using to eat their hot dogs.

In a Reddit thread titled “WHYYYY?????” Sister Wives viewers discussed how Kody seemed to contradict himself during the picnic.

“Im watching the fire pit scene and all families are separated a good distance yet Kody is interacting with all of them up close,” the thread was captioned. “Doesnt that defeat the purpose? Lort these people drive me nuts with this covid stuff!”

Other Sister Wives viewers who watched the scene showed up in the comments and shared similar sentiments.

“Thank you for some common sense here!!” expressed another Sister Wives viewer. “I’ve been thinking this since last season. If he’s going from house to house the germs are spreading with him.

“I was saying the same thing, why are they staying six feet apart when Kody is touching everyone? Makes no sense at all,” wrote another Redditor.

sister wives fans comment on kody brown contradicting his covid-19 rules
Pic credit: u/rakraese/Reddit

Another noted that Kody, despite his safety measures, contracted COVID-19.

“Lol and he’s the one that caught covid,” their comment read.

Kody revealed during a fan’s Cameo video that he contracted COVID-19 and that it “did bad things” to him. Kody didn’t specify when he contracted the virus or if anyone else in the family did, either.

sister wives fans comment on reddit about kody brown contradicting his covid-19 protocols
Pic credit: u/rakraese/Reddit

Kody has referred to the pandemic as Coronapocalypse while interacting with fans of the show on Twitter.

As Sister Wives fans watched last season and continue to witness this season, the pandemic really amplified the Browns’ issues as a family.

Kody, his wives, and his kids couldn’t agree on whether they should quarantine as separate families or continue to mingle and it further divided their once-united, polygamous family.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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