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Did any of the Sister Wives cast get COVID-19?

The Brown Family of Sister Wives
With such a large family, did any of the Browns contract COVID-19? Pic credit: TLC

With the pandemic still going on over one year later, fans of Sister Wives are asking if any of the Browns contracted COVID-19.

This season, viewers watched as the mega-sized family navigated the beginning of the pandemic.

Kody gave a toilet paper clinic to his kids, the kids got upset that they had to celebrate their birthdays apart, and Mariah and Audrey uprooted from Chicago to Flagstaff to Parowan, Utah, to help with Meri’s bed and breakfast.

The Browns had trouble agreeing on how they should deal with the recommended precautions, specifically socially distancing and quarantining.

As the Brown family patriarch, Kody took it upon himself to decide that he would be the only family member traveling between his four wives’ houses.

This caused several tiffs within the family. Christine, who hinted she’s ready to leave Kody, wasn’t willing to stay home 100-percent of the time and continued to travel.

Janelle had two adult sons living at home who were still active in the community, and when she wouldn’t demand that they stop their social interaction, Kody called her out for it.

Robyn was the most concerned wife, given that their youngest son, Solomon, has RSV as a baby, and she herself had pneumonia, putting them both at higher risk of contracting the virus and suffering complications from it.

Meri got to have her mom stay with her in Flagstaff as she was the innkeeper at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, and due to her age, Meri felt safer if she stayed away from groups of people.

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Was it enough to thwart the dreaded coronavirus from disrupting the Sister Wives?

It looks as though the Browns’ precautions, and maybe a little bit of luck, worked in their favor. None of the family has reported having contracted COVID-19.

With Kody splitting his time between each of his wives’ four homes, he was still risking some exposure to the rest of the family, but it seemed as though the family took enough precautions so far.

The family’s long-standing issues were magnified during the pandemic

Janelle asked Kody to stay away from her home at the beginning of the pandemic out of an abundance of caution. They later reunited after nearly a month apart and captured the moment on their cell phones.

Kody went off on Janelle again when he called her views towards his pandemic protocols “lazy” and said she was “full of s**t.”

When Mariah and Audrey flew into Flagstaff from Chicago to stay with Meri, they would quarantine for 14 days before seeing the rest of the family.

The girls ended up leaving a little bit early to swap places with Grandma Bonnie at the inn.

But Kody wasn’t aware that they left, and when he showed up excited to see them at Meri’s house, she burst his bubble when she told him he wouldn’t be able to see them because they flew to Utah.

Fans can catch one last coronavirus-related episode during tonight’s two-hour long season finale.

The Sister Wives season finale airs tonight at 10/9c on TLC.

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