Sister Wives star Kody Brown reveals he contracted COVID-19, says it ‘did bad things to me’

Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Kody Brown told a fan he contracted COVID-19 and it “was really hard.” Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown has been interacting a lot more with his fans lately and he recently revealed that he battled COVID-19 and it “did bad things” to him.

Since Kody’s third wife, Christine Brown, announced her split, Kody has been spending a lot of time recording Cameo videos for his fans.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Kody’s fans can receive a personalized video from the Sister Wives star for a $99 fee.

Several of Kody’s recent Cameo videos have made their way to social media, allowing Sister Wives fans a glimpse inside Kody’s life without Christine.

Kody Brown tells Sister Wives fan COVID-19 ‘did bad things’ to him

Recently, Kody sent a Cameo to a fan who had tested positive for COVID-19 and he empathized with her.

Shared by Starcasm, the video (which you can watch here) shows Kody greeting his fan named Mimi as he gave a peace sign and a big grin to the camera.

“Hi Mimi, it’s Kody Brown from Sister Wives. How are you doing?” Kody opened the video.

“I empathize with your situation with Covid… not completely, but I’ve had it. Uh, and it did bad things to me and it was really hard,” Kody revealed.

He continued, “And, uh, boy… what a tough thing to deal with.”

Kody continued to wish his fan a happy birthday in the video and made no more mention of COVID-19. It’s unclear when or how Kody contracted the virus, how exactly the virus affected him, and if anyone else in his large family contracted it.

COVID-19 caused more separation between Kody Brown and his wives

Season 15 of Sister Wives focused on the Browns navigating the coronavirus pandemic as a polygamous family living separately as four individual families.

Kody and his wives couldn’t agree on which protocols to follow and it intensified the family’s unraveling.

Kody often referred to the pandemic as “Coronapocalypse” during live tweets after each week’s episode last season.

Sister Wives viewers may remember Kody’s infamous toilet paper tutorial amid the height of the pandemic when supplies were scarce on store shelves. With four wives and 18 kids, Kody tried to show his family how to use toilet paper sparingly, getting embarrassingly detailed in the process.

Robyn Brown, Kody’s fourth wife, admitted that Kody spent most of his time at her house during the pandemic and claimed that she felt bad about it.

“It wasn’t that I felt guilty. I was feeling, like, bad. I was feeling not right,” Robyn admitted during an interview back in April.

However, most Sister Wives viewers believe that Robyn’s intentions from the start were to push Kody’s other three wives away in order to become his sole wife.

With Kody’s third wife, Christine, recently splitting from the family and rumors that Meri will be next, it appears that Robyn’s plan might be working after all.

Sister Wives returns for Season 16 on Sunday, November 21 at 10/9c on TLC.

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Crystal Bradford
Crystal Bradford
2 years ago

So much for all of the ridiculous rules!!!! After months went by, maybe you should have started researching the facts of a media pushed propaganda PLANDEMIC and that the numbers were being pushed by paid hospitals and staff to inflate the numbers which the CDC has acknowledged. There is a big difference between dying of Covid and with Covid!!! Never wore a mask, never got a vaccine and never was afraid. Vaccines do not work, masks do not work, Admit that you were just one of billions that believed the propaganda media and the LIARS that pushed the fear!

Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ
2 years ago

Hello Crystal, I’ll be seeing you soon.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jesus Christ

Like she’s dying soon? Or going to heaven?

2 years ago

Sorry to here he had it, but it goes to show no matter what you do to protect yourself it doesn’t work. He should have spent time with his family instead of hiding away with one wife. He only sees his own wants/needs/desires and it showed in the latest episode when it became apparent he felt the family should “do what he says as the leader of the family”. He doesn’t get it that his kids are adults and can make their own decisions and he isn’t the leader anymore. Also this lame brain hasn’t figured out that his kids have figured out that Dad will just dump you to the side if he doesn’t want you anymore (Meri) or if you disagree with him (Christine). How does he think that effects his children? Maybe he’ll be through with them too if they don’t do what he says. Truly one of the dumbest people on television, so caught up in himself he doesn’t see the damage was caused by him, not his wives.