Sister Wives spoiler: Christine Brown admits to Kody she’s ‘exhausted’ taking care of Ysabel after surgery

Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Christine Brown had to care for Ysabel on her own after back surgery and she admitted she was “exhausted.” Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Christine Brown was admittedly “exhausted” taking care of her daughter Ysabel after back surgery and she let Kody Brown know it.

In this Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, Ysabel and Christine returned from New Jersey where Ysabel underwent surgery for her scoliosis.

Kody and his other three wives paid a visit to Christine’s house to see her and Ysabel for the first time since they returned and quarantined.

During a confessional regarding Ysabel’s surgery, Kody said, “I was very disappointed that I wasn’t able to go. But now that it’s done we’ll see how she’s feeling about it all now.”

Sister Wives fans will remember last week when Ysabel said her dad Kody’s priorities were “a little screwed up” for not accompanying her for surgery.

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is ‘exhausted’ caring for daughter Ysabel alone, round the clock

When Kody arrived at Christine’s house, he met her out back and greeted her, asking how she was doing.

“I’m exhausted,” Christine admitted to her now-ex-husband.

During her confessional, Christine explained why she was so burned out.

“I need a nap without any interruptions,” the 49-year-old blonde admitted. “But like, every two hours, Ysabel has a new medication she has got to take for pain, like even through the night.”

Christine explained that she wakes up every two hours throughout the night to administer Ysabel’s medication.

Ysabel’s surgery was extensive, taking her curvature from 55° to 15°, which was a pretty severe curve that caused her a lot of pain.

The rest of Christine’s sister wives arrived to see her and Ysabel as well. When Janelle arrived, she offered to help Christine with her round-the-clock responsibilities.

Janelle recalled that her daughter Maddie had her appendix removed and needed medication throughout the night like Ysabel, so she felt inclined to help Christine.

Caring for her children is Christine Brown’s ‘most important’ job

Back on the confessional couch, Christine told the camera, “Ysabel would feel guilty if she knew how exhausted I am.”

Christine explained that the “most important” job she has is to take care of her kids, so she hates to hear herself complain.

Kody’s other three wives, Meri, Janelle, and Robyn, joined the rest of the spouses and kept their six-foot distance from each other.

Ysabel came out to greet everyone and revealed that she gained an inch of height from the surgery which straightened her spine.

Last season on Sister Wives when Kody Brown refused to accompany Christine and Ysabel for surgery, viewers were just as shocked and outraged as Christine and Ysabel.

Many Sister Wives viewers believe that Kody’s refusal to join Ysabel for surgery was the last straw before she called it quits on their marriage.

These days, Christine is thriving as she’s embarked on a new life in Utah with her daughters and granddaughter.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Louise Soldano
Louise Soldano
2 years ago

He was there to create this beautiful young daughter it should have been his job to be there during the surgery and after helping Christine with her recovery never the one to extend himself the entire care hit on Christine never seen such a selfish self serving jerk as he is no wonder the women are backing off from him as well as his children shame on him if he’s not apart of every faze of their lives then step away leave them alone a parent is a parent always putting the children first

2 years ago

Selfish jerk! Seems like the only wife he cares about is whiny Robin. Kudos to Meri, Janelle and Christine for helping raise beautiful children.

2 years ago

Cody is a prime POS just looking after himself. Father nope just in it for the money, no longer about family.