Siesta Key’s Sam Logan fires back after fans compare him and Mike Vazquez to pigs

Sam Logan of Siesta Key.
Siesta Key’s Sam Logan speaks out after a critic makes fun of him and Mike Vazquez. Pic credit: MTV

Siesta Key star Sam Logan has been getting a lot of heat from fans so far this season.

The new season has shown the demise of his relationship with Juliette Porter.

As the breakup has continued to play out, several of their costars have chimed in and shared their feelings on the entire situation.

Sam was slammed by Chloe Trautman as the two went back and forth on social media. Juliette has also taken aim at him as she thinks he is always playing the victim in the situation.

It’s clear that Sam and Juliette share very different views on their relationship and breakup, as evidenced by their separate explanations of the entire ordeal.

Amid all of the back and forth drama, a critic recently shared a photo and referred to Sam and his friend Mike Vazquez as pigs, and Sam wasted no time clapping back at the hater.

Siesta Key’s Sam Logan fires back at a fan who compared him and Mike to pigs

Mike and his girlfriend Lexie Salameh recently took a trip to the Bahamas and shared their vacation photos on Instagram.

In one of the posts, Lexie was posing alongside some wild pigs hanging out along the beach.

Lexie appeared to be feeding one pig in the picture as the other stared back at her.

One of her followers commented on the photo and joked, “Great picture of you, mike and Sam.”

Upon seeing the comment, Sam took a screenshot and shared it on his own Instagram story.

He wrote in the caption, “If you look really far down the beach there’s 2 ripped guys.”

Critics refer to Sam and his friend Mike as "pigs."
Pic credit: @sam_jlo/Instagram

Despite the hate he received, Sam made sure to call the person out and then make light of the situation.

Siesta Key’s Sam Logan and Juliette Porter feud on social media

The off-screen drama that has taken place as the new season of Siesta Key airs has found several cast members at odds with one another.

Even though they are broken up, and Juliette has moved on with someone new, that hasn’t stopped her and Sam from feuding on social media.

During a recent episode, Sam seemingly called Juliette out as a liar after he threatened to expose text messages he had. His threat came after Juliette’s post about Sam coming “running back” to her instead of the other way around. She also claimed that she never told him to bleach his bed after he slept in it with another girl.

It’s unclear exactly which part Sam may have been refuting, but the tension between the two of them seems to rise with each passing episode.

Fans should stay tuned as more drama is sure to unfold as the new season of Siesta Key continues.

Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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