Siesta Key: Sam Logan seemingly calls Juliette Porter a liar, says he has receipts

Sam Logan on Siesta Key.
Siesta Key’s Sam Logan appears to call out Juliette Porter as a liar. Pic credit: MTV

The new season of Siesta Key has caused a lot of drama off-screen.

The breakup between Sam Logan and Juliette Porter has been front and center for the last few episodes as viewers get a closer look into what actually went down between them.

Despite having moved on with someone new and seeming happier than ever, Juliette has been very blunt about her feelings toward Sam as she’s watched the episodes air.

During the most recent episode, she shared that she felt Sam was playing victim too hard, and she aired her frustrations out on social media.

She also let her followers know that Sam was the one to come running back to her and not the other way around. She claimed to have made a mistake by texting him at one point but admitted that it was “fun to watch.”

Upon seeing Juliette’s posts, Sam wasted no time sharing posts of his own. Not only did he appear to call Juliette a liar, but he claimed to have receipts to prove it.

Siesta Key’s Sam Logan seemingly calls Juliette Porter out as a liar, says he has receipts for proof

Sam has not been shy about sharing his thoughts on his breakup with Juliette. In addition to being vocal on social media, he and his Siesta Key costar and friend Jordana Barnes have been talking about their castmates on a podcast they started.

Following Juliette’s recent comments, Sam was quick to chime in with some tweets of his own.

He started by referring to someone as a liar and said, “You’re literally lying about lying. The level of shamelessness is kinda cool and hopefully one day I can learn how to do that.”

Sam calls Juliette a liar.
Sam seemingly calls Juliette a liar. Pic credit: @samjlothinks/Twitter

Sam didn’t come outright and say who he was referring to, but it seemed to coincide with what Juliette was tweeting.

Sam’s next set of tweets made it seem as though he had some text messages to back up his side of the story.

He said, “Whatever helps you sleep is fine but simply posting our texts would solve a lot. I’m over this s**t but ya do your thing.”

Despite having text messages to prove what he was saying, he claimed that he wasn’t going to share them but instead, he appeared to encourage the other person to do so.

Sam calls out Juliette.
Sam seemingly calls out Juliette. Pic credit: @samjlothinks/Twitter

Juliette Porter pleads for peace with Sam Logan

Prior to the recent social media posts shared by Juliette and Sam, it seemed like she had enough of the drama.

She shared that she just wanted peace and didn’t want to be feuding back and forth anymore.

It seems that watching the latest episodes may have caused her to have a change of heart as she appears to want to defend her side of the story to her followers.

Fans should stay tuned to new episodes of Siesta Key to see what happens next as the demise of Juliette and Sam’s relationship continues to play out.

Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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