Siesta Key’s Sam Logan fires back at Juliette Porter’s ‘gross’ breakup story

Juliette Porter and Sam Logan on Siesta Key.
Sam Logan claps back at Juliette’s breakup story. Pic credit: MTV

Now that Siesta Key fans have confirmation that Sam Logan and Juliette Porter have gone their separate ways, both of them are speaking out about what happened.

Juliette started by opening up about her relationship with Sam and what led them to ultimately split.

In last week’s episode, she struggled with the desire to have her own space so she could focus on her swimsuit line. She felt that being at Sam’s was distracting, especially because there were always friends over hanging out.

She caught Sam off guard when she confronted him about her feelings, and he seemed hurt that she wanted to live separately and felt it was a step back in their relationship.

After the episode aired, Juliette shared that they “weren’t connecting” and added, “I was getting emotionally drained. He didn’t have the same thoughts as me on anything. He wasn’t supporting me. And ultimately, you just have to put yourself first above what other people want from you.”

Following the release of Juliette’s side of the story, Sam fired back and seemed to disagree with her “gross” interpretation of what actually went down.

Siesta Key’s Sam Logan fires back at Juliette Porter’s ‘gross’ breakup story

It seems that Sam is not on the same page with Juliette when it comes to the reason their relationship didn’t work out.

After Juliette spoke out, he shared a screenshot of the article to his Instagram stories.

In the screenshot, he underlined the quote, “it just wasn’t working.”

He then wrote, “So gross I just got a call from my mom crying about this. like all I can do is everything I can do and I did that.”

Sam Logan responds to Juliette's side of the story.
Sam Logan responds to Juliette’s side of the story. Pic credit: @sam_jlo/Instagram

Juliette Porter and Sam Logan’s breakup to play out on new season of Siesta Key

Up until recently, Juliette had remained quiet about their breakup despite social media making it apparent that the two had gone their separate ways. This included Juliette sharing photos of her new boyfriend, Clark Drum.

It looks like fans will get a deeper look into Juliette and Sam’s relationship problems as the new season of Siesta Key progresses.

Juliette shared that viewers will see how his behavior pushed her further away from him and noted that he had a “really large ego.”

She also didn’t love how he was “creating stories and putting them on social media” during their breakup.

Lots of drama is still ahead, so fans should tune in to new episodes of Siesta Key to see what actually went down between Juliette and Sam.

Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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