Siesta Key: Sam Logan takes aim at Chloe Trautman after she blasted him

Chloe Trautman and Sam Logan on Siesta Key
Siesta Key’s Sam Logan claps back at Chloe Trautman. Pic credit: MTV

The new season of Siesta Key kicked off earlier this month, and it’s caused a lot of drama with the cast.

While fans knew that Sam Logan and Juliette Porter had broken up months before the premiere, the first few episodes have started to give viewers a closer look into what went wrong in their relationship.

Now that fans are getting a clearer idea of what went down between Juliette and Sam, the off-screen drama has exploded as everyone has started to share their thoughts about the entire situation.

Following the season premiere, Juliette spoke out to share her side of the story about the breakup, and her friend and co-star Chloe Trautman was not shy about making her feelings known about Sam.

Chloe recently threw some shade Sam’s way, and he didn’t waste any time firing back at her.

Siesta Key’s Sam Logan takes aim at Chloe Trautman after she blasted him

Chloe has made it a point to let everyone know she’s changed and is working on self-improvement. Part of that improvement involves being kinder, more forgiving, and generally more peaceful all around.

Despite her changes, she still had no problem letting the world know how she felt about Sam following his breakup with Juliette.

Chloe took to Twitter and shared, “You ran away to Miami to deal with a heartbreak over Juliette. You are 30 and don’t have [your] life together. I met my soulmate and got married a month ago. You may not like my advice but you should probably take it.”

Sam shared a screenshot of the comment to his Instagram story with a typed response that he hadn’t sent yet.

His response read, “You’re gonna be running to Miami too lol. Idk if you got the email yet but lol ya you’ll see.”

He also wrote, “You did great.” across the photo.

Sam fires back at Chloe. Pic credit: @sam_jlo/Instagram

It’s unclear what exactly Sam is referring to, but it sounds like he had some tea to spill that Chloe might not be too happy about.

Siesta Key fans have concerns about Chloe Trautman’s husband

With Sam’s ominous message looming, Chloe appears unbothered so far, but Siesta Key fans have already voiced concerns about her new husband, Chris Long.

Chris appeared in the first few episodes alongside Chloe, and he caused some red flags to jump out for viewers.

Fans will have to wait and see if Sam makes any revelations that could impact Chloe’s marriage to Chris.

The drama will continue as the new season of Siesta Key plays out.

Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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