Nicole Franzel thought she had contractions today, Big Brother winner hopes baby is no longer breech

Nicole On BB18 Feeds
Nicole Franzel won Big Brother 18. She also met her husband Victor Arroyo on BB18 Pic credit: CBS

Nicole Franzel just posted that she thought she was having contractions this morning. The Big Brother 18 winner shared a new update with her fans and followers, noting that she has made it to 37 weeks in her pregnancy.

After recently confirming that her baby would be born in July, it seems that Nicole may have thought that her son with Victor Arroyo was going to come even sooner than expected.

“I felt so many big movements this morning and had a couple lightning bolts that brought me to my knees—at first I was like are these contractions but then I was like no bc I think I would just know?!” Nicole wrote in a caption for her latest Instagram post.

She started out her lastest post by writing, “Woke up this morning and thought today was the day ?. Thankfully so far so good, we made it to 37 weeks!!?”

Nicole Franzel posts a 37-week photo

Below is the new pregnancy photo that Nicole posted to celebrate reaching 37 weeks. It comes with the extended update that she provided her fans and followers discussing how things have gone lately.

At the end of the post, Nicole wrote, “I have a doctor appointment & ultrasound tomorrow to see if baby flipped!! FINGERS CROSSED!! ?? My belly shape does feel different, I almost think he’s horizontal now! ❣️I’ll keep you posted!! XOXO❣️.”

She then added the following hashtags to close out her post: “#37weeks #37weekspregnant #breechbaby #firstpregnancy #pregnancystyle.”

It was in late June that Nicole shared a scary update about her pregnancy and let people know that she is carrying a breech baby. She has been hoping that the baby will flip on his own and has been doing everything she can to try to make it happen naturally.

Hopefully, everything goes well at her next doctor appointment, and that her path to the birth of their son from here is a smooth one.

Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo recently got married, making sure that they did the deed before the baby arrived. They also recently shared the nickname of their Big Brother baby and why they chose it.

In a fun coincidence, after attending the wedding of Victor and Nicole, fellow Big Brother houseguests Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott are now engaged to be married.

Big Brother 23 has started

A new season of Big Brother has begun and the BB23 cast was just introduced to the world. There are 16 brand new people playing the game and quite a few twists and turns have already been hinted at by the producers and host Julie Chen Moonves.

One of the twists is that the BB23 cast has been split up into teams. That theme will be a primary one for the first few weeks of the season and it could force people to work together who might not have normally aligned in the house.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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1 year ago

Does she think she is giving birth to Jesus Christ? We are not interested in you Nicole!! Get over yourself! Hope you have a healthy baby but dont start writing about EVERYTHING. We are not that interested!