Big Brother vet Nicole Franzel shares scary pregnancy update video about breech baby, low amniotic fluid

Nicole Franzel Pregnancy Video
Nicole Franzel shared a long pregnancy video to update her Big Brother fans and followers about what has been going on. Pic credit: @Coconuts_/Instagram

Big Brother winner Nicole Franzel shared a new pregnancy update video that reveals she is going through some difficult things with her son.

In the video, which is shared below, Nicole appears to be close to tears as she explains what she has been dealing with since a recent doctor visit.

If you didn’t already know, Nicole and her husband, Victor Arroyo, recently shared the name of their new baby.

Near the beginning of the video, she speaks about being at 35 weeks in her pregnancy, but that she feels like she has well past 40 weeks.

Later, Nicole states that the baby she is having with Victor is running out of room in her body due to her short torso. She then gets into telling a story about when she went with her mother to a recent appointment.

Nicole Franzel dealing with a difficult pregnancy

In her video, Nicole states that she had “low amniotic fluid” and that it was worrisome news. She does say that her doctor explained how she could increase the fluid level through drinking more water and that, two weeks later, her numbers were looking a lot better.

Nicole also shared that she has a breech baby, which means that he is in a bottom-first position. She is hopeful that he can turn around before her due date and that she can have a natural birth. On that topic, Nicole also shared that she may have to have a C-section due to the current situation.

In addition to the video itself, Nicole left a caption where she expressed the importance of staying hydrated.

Below is the full video which is certainly worth viewing for any Big Brother fan who enjoyed watching Nicole on the show. She gets very honest about what is going on with her and their son, which is likely to be addressed in future posts as well.

A new season of Big Brother starts this summer

The Big Brother 23 cast will make its television debut on Wednesday, July 7. CBS also just released a new promotional video showing duos from the past, leading to some fans feeling that it could play into a twist for the upcoming season.

What we know for sure, though, is that the names of the BB23 cast will be released next week. That’s when it will be time to get really excited about the new season, especially since it is being advertised as an entirely new group of houseguests.

It’s also possible that we could end up seeing Nicole and Victor’s baby at some point during the upcoming season. In the past, host Julie Chen Moonves has done several interviews with new parents who have previously been on Big Brother. It would not be surprising if this Big Brother 18 couple showed up for a segment during the 2021 season.

Big Brother 23 debuts July 7 on CBS.

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