Big Brother releases fun new summer promo video featuring famous duos

Kaysar And Janelle BB
Kaysar Ridha and Janelle Pierzina were a great duo that played Big Brother together. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23 begins in just two weeks, and the show released a new promotional video that features some famous duos from the past.

Shared below, this two-minute video intends to get fans excited about the BB23 cast and a brand new season of the hit reality competition show.

It’s not going to be hard to cause a stir with fans on social media because everyone is getting very excited to learn the names of the new houseguests.

It was recently revealed that the BB23 cast has been finalized, so now it’s just a matter of time until CBS releases the highly-anticipated bios.

A new Big Brother commercial featuring duos

“Two weeks until #BB23!! Who is your favorite dynamic BB duo of all time?” reads the caption to a new video that was just shared on the Big Brother social media accounts.

As seen below, four duos from the past are featured within the commercial, including Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha. Kaysar played on the show three different times, and each time he was a member of the Big Brother cast, he worked with Janelle.

Neither Janelle nor Kaysar ever won the show, but Janelle did finish in third place during her first two appearances.

Ahead of the Big Brother 2021 cast getting sequestered, Janelle even posted some advice for them on social media. She definitely made some good points, and the houseguests would be wise to follow some of her tips.

An underrated duo featured in the video is Tyler Crispen and Kaycee Clark, who worked together to dominate the Big Brother 20 season. Tyler was the early favorite to win the show, but Kaycee came on strong at the end, and the BB20 jury named her as the winner.

Yes, the duos featured have all played together recently, but the intent here was to spark renewed interest in the show and tap on recent memories rather than back when Chilltown dominated the game. But since Will Kirby and Mike “Boogie” Malin aren’t speaking now, it’s not surprising that they didn’t make it into the video.

Will a new duo emerge from the Big Brother 23 cast that ends up being a real force in the game? That could be a lot of fun, especially if they provide some great Diary Room footage for fans to turn into GIFs and memes.

More Big Brother 23 rumors

It looks like a new house theme will be introduced with the BB23 cast and that it will help usher in the summer. The show is slated to have 16 new people playing the game this time, and there won’t be any returning houseguests competing for that $500,000 cash prize.

The producers also kicked around an idea that could serve as the first major twist during Big Brother 23. It would impact the first Head of Household as well as the early-season nominees. It would also serve as a really spicy way to get things started this summer.

Get ready folks, because the season premiere is nearly here.

Big Brother 23 debuts July 7 on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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