Big Brother 23 spoilers: A possible twist for 2021 season revealed

First BB22 HOH Comp
Will the first BB23 HOH Competition have as much of an impact as the one on BB22 had? Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23 spoilers may have just been revealed on social media that could impact the cast during the first week. But they may not know it right away.

An interesting possible Big Brother 23 twist was just posted by Twitter user SpoilerGirl1, who frequently reveals information about the reality competition show and the soap operas on CBS.

She points out that this possible twist for the BB23 cast is being discussed but is not guaranteed. Still, it sounds like something that could certainly shake things up right out of the gate this summer.

As a reminder, the Big Brother 23 season premiere takes place on Wednesday, July 7. It’s being advertised as a live move-in episode for the East Coast viewers, and it also means that we will see the Big Brother live feeds turned on that very night.

Big Brother 23 spoilers: What is the first major BB23 twist?

“Heard a possible twist that was discussed by production. Only discussed but not guaranteed. The second HOH might be the nominee that survives the first eviction vote. #BB23,” wrote SpoilerGirl1 in an extensive post shared on Twitter.

This would be an interesting wrinkle in the game this season, and it could be carried out several different ways. If production lets the first Head of Household know it will be happening, it could impact how the first Nomination Ceremony goes. And if production waits, it gives that early nominee some immediate power to go after the HOH for targeting them.

Keep in mind that while SpoilerGirl1 frequently reveals a lot of correct information, this is not a confirmed piece of information from CBS. She also states that it is not guaranteed to happen, so, for now, it’s just a topic to debate about. Would it be a huge success as a new Big Brother twist?

Second HOH Twist
A fun twist may be ready to go with the BB23 cast. Pic credit: @SpoilerGirl1/Twitter

Big days coming up for the BB23 cast

We are going to learn the names of the BB23 cast members before the end of June. That information will really get fans going, and it will help create a lot of buzz for the summer 2021 season. After the last season ended with a bit of a whimper, fans are really looking forward to the show coming back with a group of all-new houseguests.

The great news is that the BB23 cast has been finalized, so the players are already getting prepared to start playing the game. That shows how close we are to another full summer of Big Brother. The show will air three times a week again, and it will also serve as the lead-in show for a new season of Love Island USA on CBS.

Before the new houseguests were into quarantine, Janelle Pierzina gave them advice on how to play the game. She gave them some excellent tips, and long-time viewers will likely agree with everything she said – including how people in the Diary Room should stop yelling at the cameras.

Buckle up folks, because a summer packed with Big Brother 23 spoilers is about to begin.

Big Brother 23 debuts July 7 on CBS.

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