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Janelle Pierzina shares a lot of advice for Big Brother 23 cast members, includes not yelling in Diary Room

Janelle BB22
Janelle Pierzina from past seasons of Big Brother has some advice for new 2021 houseguests. Pic credit: CBS

Janelle Pierzina has shared some advice for Big Brother 23 cast members.

These new houseguests will begin playing the game on July 7 and Janelle used her Twitter account to share some tidbits that she has learned over the years.

Janelle has competed four times on the hit reality competition show, beginning with Big Brother 6 and including two All-Star seasons.

Now, she has some key words of advice for the new group of houseguests that will be competing during the summer 2021 season.

Janelle shares Big Brother advice

“Advice to Big Brother Newbies from a vet,” Janelle posted on her Twitter account.

“Please don’t yell in the Diary Room. It’s annoying an unnatural. We know you’re excited. Just take a damn breath,” she continued. “Ladies: if you get HOH don’t miss an opportunity to take out a huge threat! Put the two most athletic cocky guys you can find and put their ass on the block. ( they are working together anyway).”

In another post to Twitter, Janelle spoke about how boring it can be for viewers to watch the entire house vote together during an Eviction Ceremony. Janelle is 100 percent correct with that statement, as one of the biggest issues that viewers have had with recent seasons is unanimous votes that made eviction nights extremely uninteresting.

“Please don’t vote with the house. It makes the show incredibly boring and you are there for entertainment,” Janelle wrote in that regard.

Janelle then wrote about showmances and showed that she supports the idea of them – but only to a certain extent. Quite a few times, showmances have helped get houseguests deeper into the season, but sometimes it turns the rest of the house against a couple.

“If you find love on the show, good for you! Showmances can be really great to pass the time. Just don’t get used like a doormat. It’s gross to watch,” she wrote with some heart emojis.

The advice for ladies on the show continued with a third Twitter post where Janelle talked about not going along with the “herd” in the house. She also spoke about an all-girls alliance and how it could be a good thing. Over the years, though, many all-girls alliances have crumbled due to people not trusting each other inside of the house.

“Don’t go with the herd. Go against it,” Janelle wrote. “Girls Alliance?!? Yes please!!! We have been waiting over a decade for this to work. See Survivor Micronesia on how to have a successful all guys alliance and get rid of the guys.”

Janelle Tweets To BB23
Janelle Pierzina has a lot to say to the BB23 women. Pic credit: @JanellePierzina/Twitter

Big Brother 23 news

The Big Brother 2021 season premiere takes place on July 7. That’s when the first episode will air on CBS and when the television audience will get to see the new cast for the first time.

For die-hard fans of the show who cannot wait that long, we expect the BB23 cast list to come out at the end of June. It’s an entirely new group of people playing the game this time and we can’t wait to find out who has been brought in.

A new Big Brother house logo was also just released and it has fans buzzing online. Hopefully, we also get to enjoy a new house tour from host Julie Chen Moonves very soon.

Big Brother 23 debuts July 7 on CBS.

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