Big Brother winner Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin found guilty of stalking in felony court case

Mike Malin Big Brother
Mike Boogie Malin is a long way from where he was as a Big Brother legend. Pic credit: CBS

Mike “Boogie” Malin, who was the Big Brother 7 winner, has been found guilty of felony stalking and sentenced to a two-year probation.

The case stems from an arrest that took place when Malin allegedly threatened Dr. Will Kirby after Kirby declined to go on a season of The Amazing Race with him.

At the time, it was alleged that Malin began sending “disturbing” text messages to Kirby. Then, once Kirby had blocked him from texting, Malin reportedly began sending threatening e-mails which are said to have included pictures of a gun pointed at the screen and also photos of Kirby’s nine-year-old son and six-year-old daughter.

Kirby ended up seeking and getting a restraining order against Malin, who was also arrested in regard to the case.

According to Us Weekly, “Malin has been found guilty of felony stalking following his August 2019 arrest.”

The site went on to report that, “The 50-year-old reality TV personality initially pleaded not guilty after being arrested and charged with stalking former costar, Dr. Will Kirby. According to court records, Malin withdrew his original plea and changed it to ‘nolo contendere,’ or no contest. Malin waived his right to a trial by changing his plea.”

Malin sentenced in stalking case

As part of his sentencing, Us Weekly reported that Malin was given a two-year probation period. He was also required to spend three days in a Los Angeles County jail, he had to pay a total of $70 in fees, and he must complete 160 hours of community service. He also reportedly has to submit his DNA for use in a database, and has to serve 30 days in a residential treatment program.

The former Big Brother star will also have to “make restitution” to Kirby, but the amount that he will have to pay will be determined in a later hearing. Along with the financial penalty, Malin must adhere to the 10-year restraining order that Kirby has in place against him.

Malin was arrested again recently

It wasn’t that long ago that Mike Boogie was also arrested in Las Vegas. He was taken into custody for various alleged misdemeanors,” including DUI, possession of a drug without a prescription, having an open alcohol container and unlawfully texting.”

For the arrest in Vegas, Malin was “charged with possession of a drug without a prescription, having an open alcohol container, and unlawfully texting before being released on his own recognizance.”

The former Big Brother winner had been a player that many viewers wanted to see appear on a new All-Stars season of the show, but following his arrests and court cases, he was not invited to be a part of the Big Brother 22 cast. It seems pretty clear that he won’t be appearing in conjunction with Dr. Will Kirby for any Chilltown reunions either.

For fans looking forward to the Big Brother 2021 season, we have an update that provides all of the information we have about the new season. The BB23 cast will be entirely made up of new people to the show, so fans will soon see 16 brand-new houseguests playing the game.

Big Brother 23 debuts July 7 on CBS.

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