Big Brother winner Mike Boogie Malin reportedly arrested for threatening Dr. Will Kirby

Mike Boogie
Mike Malin, otherwise known as Mike Boogie, is a Big Brother winner. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother winner Mike Boogie Malin and Dr. Will Kirby appear to be done. The Chilltown alliance is officially over if the latest reports are true.

Allegedly, Malin was arrested for threatening Kirby, with the argument all stemming from the duo not coupling up for a reality competition show.

The end of Chilltown on Big Brother

A report from Showbiz Cheatsheet states that Malin was arrested following some disturbing messages that he sent to Kirby.

The report goes on to state that CBS wanted Boogie and Dr. Kirby to appear on a new season of The Amazing Race. Malin was in for it, but Kirby wasn’t interested. That reportedly set off Malin.

Allegedly, Malin began sending “disturbing” text messages to Kirby that ended with him being blocked. Then, Malin reportedly began sending threatening e-mails that included pictures of a gun pointed at the screen and also photos of Kirby’s nine-year-old son and six-year-old daughter.

Rumors about the pair coming back as a duo on a future season of Big Brother also appears to be out the window, especially if the reports of the threats turn out to be correct.

Kirby has reportedly already been in contact with the LA Police Department and the FBI about what has taken place and even took the steps needed to hide his family from potential danger.

A court date is scheduled for July 2020 in the case, which followed Malin getting arrested and then released on a $50,000 bond. Kirby also filed a restraining order against his former friend.

The investigation is considered ongoing.

No Chilltown on Big Brother 22 cast

A lot of information has been coming out about the Big Brother 2020 season still taking place this summer. That includes a group of potential houseguests that former winner Evel Dick Donato has been leaking online.

A member of the Big Brother 16 cast is also leaving hints on social media that suggest he may be coming out of retirement to play the game again. Could he be tasked with being a member of Team America this summer?

This could all be some great news, but it may also end up including Dr. Will Kirby agreeing to play the game again on his own. He could be a fun addition, especially after he won Big Brother 2 and finished in fourth place on the first Big Brother: All-Stars.

As for Mike Boogie, despite winning that Big Brother 7 season, he probably isn’t getting invited back by producers.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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