Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo reveal the name of their Big Brother baby

Nicole Franzel BB18
Nicole Franzel met Victor Arroyo on BB18 and now they are married and expecting a baby. Pic credit: CBS

Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo from Big Brother 18 have shared the name of their baby boy.

The couple is expecting their first child to arrive this summer and Nicole made an extensive post on social media to update fans on their name choice.

Recently, Nicole also posted a new photo of her pregnant belly, celebrating the fact that she had reached 34 weeks. It was a big deal for her.

Now, the Big Brother couple has shared not only the name of their upcoming baby, but also the nickname that Nicole insisted that he receive.

Nicole announces her baby’s name

“Breaking down the deets: ✨our baby’s real name is Victor Arroyo IV his nickname is Arrow. Victor is Victor Arroyo III for those of you who didn’t know! No middle name,” Nicole wrote as a caption alongside a photo of herself and Victor posing for the camera.

She elaborated a bit by writing, “The reason I insisted on a ‘nickname’ is bc I don’t want people to call him baby Vic/little Vic his whole life. I know people who are 60 years old and they’re still ‘little Johnny’ & they don’t like it ?.”

She later explained that if their son wants to be called just Victor later on, that they will honor his wishes. For now, though, they are going to be referring to him as Arrow.

Later, Nicole returned to state that she is now 35 weeks pregnant.

Big Brother 23 begins soon

A new season of the hit reality competition show begins on July 7. The BB23 cast has been finalized and it won’t be too much longer until CBS is airing commercials that feature them.

We may have also seen the first Big Brother 23 spoilers online, as well, with a Twitter user posting about a twist that could happen early in the season.

It’s going to be an exciting summer for fans of the show, with the producers putting together a cast of entirely new houseguests to play the game. It will help breathe some new life into the franchise and give viewers a whole new group of people to root for all season.

We expect to get a Big Brother house tour from host Julie Chen Moonves very soon. During that tour, she will likely confirm the house theme for the summer and exactly what twists we might get to see during the first few nights.

Make sure to tune in on Wednesday, July 7 for what is being billed as a live move-in episode of the show. Then, it’s going to be a full summer of fun for the BB23 cast.

Big Brother returns July 7 on CBS.

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