MAFS Season 10 in DC update: Here’s who stayed together and who has divorced

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The DC Married at First Sight cast had plenty of drama. Pic credit: Lifetime

Before the ex-fiancee drama of Chris Williams in Season 12, it was the explosiveness of the Washington D.C. experiment that shook Married at First Sight fans to the core.

While this season did have success in the match of Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd, it also ended with multiple restraining orders and the first annulment in MAFS history.

Despite two out of five couples choosing to stay married on Decision Day, that’s not exactly how it ended.

Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd

If there’s one thing we knew this season, it was that Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd were in it for the long haul. As the only couple from DC to stay married, it seems as the experts hit it out of the park with this match.

Compared to the major issues this season, their problems seemed minuscule from the other couples.

Jessica’s biggest issue was her husband’s travel schedule, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, those extended trips have been cut short.

Instead, Austin has found the pandemic harder to deal with due to Jessica’s role as a nurse on the frontlines.

Since leaving the show, the couple has adopted a dog and became homeowners.

Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad

Despite saying yes to each other on the season’s finale, Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad were the only Season 10 couple to break up after Decision Day.

Although this match shared a strong attraction on their wedding day, it’s clear Derek’s dreamer personality was too far-fetched for a more serious Katie.

While the experts hoped Derek’s playfulness would balance Katie, this difference did more damage than good. Instead of seeing the beauty in Derek’s laidback nature, she would admit that she saw him as a boy.

Since separating, Katie has moved on to marry her new husband, Brandon Eaves.

Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice

Someone completely open to love, Mindy Shiben, was everything the experts hoped for in a MAFS applicant. However, unfortunately for her — Zach Justice was not.

After admitting he didn’t have an attraction to her, Zach refused to move in with his new wife and went on to have an emotional affair with one of her friends.

Despite separating mid-experiment, it’s clear Mindy has moved on and is enjoying her new life.

More recently, she linked up with another travel enthusiast from the MAFS franchise, Haley Harris, from Season 12.

Meka Jones and Michael Watson

Meka Jones and Micheal Watson made history not for having a successful marriage but for being granted the first annulment in MAFS history.

Despite having chemistry at their initial meeting at the altar, things quickly went downhill when Michael’s lies allegedly started on their wedding night.

From lying about his job to his income, Meka ultimately decided she couldn’t take the deception and asked for a divorce on Decision Day.

Taylor Dunklin and Brandon Reid

While Meka and Micheal were the first to get an annulment, Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin are easily regarded as one of the worst matches in Married at First Sight history.

While a physical attraction was no problem for Taylor and Brandon, the cracks started to show as early as the honeymoon.

Not only did Brandon have issues with Taylor, but his hot temper often landed him in heated arguments with the production team.

Although these two ended in divorce on Decision Day, that’s not where the story ended.

At the reunion special, Taylor revealed that both she and Brandon filed restraining orders against each other due to an event after they stopped filming.

While her marriage didn’t work, she continues to be friends with the other wives from the season.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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