Where are Brandon and Taylor from Married at First Sight Season 10 now?

Brandon and Taylor pose with a smile on their wedding day
Brandon and Taylor share a smile on their wedding day. Pic credit: Lifetime

When MAFS fans think of the most difficult and frustrating husbands to ever be on the show, Brandon Reid’s name is bound to make the list. 

Brandon and Taylor may have looked compatible physically but, other than that, the two could not have been more wrong for each other. The pair went through a whirlwind of emotion and arguments both during their marriage and after seeking their annulment. 

Brandon and Taylor’s marriage is explosive from start to finish 

In retrospect, one of the clearest signs that Brandon was not yet ready to be a good husband was his family’s continued emphasis on Brandon’s issues at the start. Even when Brandon admitted he’s not perfect in his vows, the episode cuts to Brandon’s mom very clearly agreeing with that sentiment. 

However, the issue wasn’t that Brandon couldn’t be the perfect husband but that he wasn’t even an emotionally available husband nor a respectful person towards anyone who interacted with him, and that became clear as soon as the honeymoon kicked off. 

First, Brandon noticed that Taylor was very into social media and posting photos of herself and her food, which Brandon found to be superficial. However, that issue would end up being the least of their problems on the honeymoon. 

The couples are encouraged to self-document the process with their own cameras and so Taylor thought it would be cute to film Brandon waking up in their hotel. What she thought would be a lighthearted moment ended up completely backfiring when Brandon woke up to a camera in his face and felt extremely triggered. 

Brandon stated that being recorded messed with his anxiety and he no longer wanted production to film him that day during the honeymoon. Production explained to him that it’s their job to document him, which only further upset Brandon.

Brandon proceeded to go off on everyone around, including his new wife Taylor, who he cussed at while on the bus with the other couples. 

Brandon’s hostile and highly off-putting behavior did not sit well with Taylor’s friend’s who confronted Brandon about speaking to a woman in such an aggressive manner. 

While Brandon did apologize, his bellicose behavior made Taylor a bit more cautious. Taylor was willing to continue to try and make the marriage work, but Brandon would often feel annoyed any time his disappointing past actions were brought up.

The fights between Brandon and Taylor continued on and the two just could not see eye to eye. Eventually, Taylor became fed up and made a snapchat video throwing blatant shade at Brandon and claiming she was looking for a better and more sound husband.

This ticked Brandon off and he moved out of the apartment. Taylor tried to rekindle with Brandon during the MAFS couples getaway, but Brandon made it clear he was disinterested in connecting with Taylor by giving more attention to his phone than Taylor while she sat on his lap. 

Once again, Brandon reacted with a hot temper when he no longer wanted to be filmed and got into one of the biggest fights with production, displaying an abundance of immaturity and disrespect. 

Taylor tried to talk Brandon down but at that point Brandon appeared to be consumed with frustration and proceeded to terrorize everyone around him. He left the trip the next day with fellow disappointing MAFS husband, Michael, and even then Brandon caused issues when delaying their departure and claiming he couldn’t trust anyone, including Michael. 

Despite many hostile outbursts, Taylor and Brandon agreed to try and reconcile away from the cameras since Brandon refused to be filmed. The candid tapes from within their home made it appear as though the two were bonding and growing more affectionate without production around. 

On Decision Day, Brandon continued to take issue with production. He claimed they made him late to work which Pastor Cal called an outright lie. 

Taylor understood that the bad in their marriage far outweighed the good and so she decided she wanted a divorce. Brandon quickly stormed away after hearing Taylor’s decision and the two got an annulment

The issues in their marriage didn’t end on Decision Day. While Brandon didn’t show up to the reunion, Taylor revealed at the reunion that both she and Brandon filed restraining orders against each other due to an alleged altercation the two had while out at an event post-separating. 

Where are Brandon and Taylor now?

Considering the two took legal action against one another, it’s safe to say Brandon and Taylor are no longer in contact with one another. 

MAFS fans were not shy about expressing their disdain for Brandon on social media. This, among other reasons, could be why Brandon does not appear to have public social media anymore and has been extremely private about his life since leaving the show.

Meanwhile, after nearly having her lively spirit drained out of her in the marriage, Taylor has returned to enjoying the single life. 

Before getting married, the MAFS star with beauty and brains expressed loving going out with friends and posting on social media and that is what she has been doing since the annulment. Taylor shares photos of her fun trips, fashion, and friends with her 67.3k followers. 

Taylor also has remained friends with the fellow divorced wives from her season of MAFS. 

After a marriage filled with chaos, here’s to hoping Brandon and Taylor have grown exponentially and found peace and healing. 

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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