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Married at First Sight spoilers: Here’s why Brandon wasn’t invited to the reunion and why annulment from Taylor marriage could be granted

New Married at First Sight spoilers explain why Brandon wasn’t at the reunion and what is going on with Michael and Meka. Pic credit: Lifetime

As this season of Married at First Sight gets closer to Decision Day, there’s more drama than many previous seasons, especially for one of the Season 10 couples — Brandon and Taylor.

The latest MAFS spoilers shed some light on why Brandon was uninvited to the Married at First Sight reunion show, which was recently filmed. It was also revealed that Brandon and Taylor could be the first MAFS couple to receive an annulment, even though they are not supposed to.

Here’s what we know about this Married at First Sight couple that has already called it quits.

MAFS didn’t want Brandon to file for divorce

Brandon and Taylor have had some serious issues since the season started. Brandon filed for divorce from his bride before the weddings even finished airing.

Apparently, things were so bad that Brandon didn’t even care to fulfill his commitment to the show as he has already started the process of separating himself from Taylor and from the show.

According to Mafsfan, this is precisely the reason why Brandon was uninvited to the reunion that was taped this past weekend.

The producers were unhappy with his timing of the filing of the divorce and viewers saw that Brandon and production aren’t exactly on the best of terms after his tantrum in the elevator.

Mafsfan Instagram post
Mafsfan posted why Brandon was a no-show at the reunion taping. Pic credit: @mafsfan/Instagram

Brandon and Taylor never even lived together

Mafsfan also said that Brandon and Taylor moved in together, but the cohabitation only lasted for a day. Allegedly, they got into a big argument, he moved out and never moved back in.

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And despite the Married at First Sight contracts, that have reportedly forbidden the cast from seeking an annulment, he may actually qualify because MAFS spoilers also claim that Brandon and Taylor never consummated their marriage.

As previously reported, Taylor was a last-minute replacement for the show and Brandon was also allegedly recruited via a cold-call.

Mafsfan Instagram post
According to Mafsfan, Taylor and Brandon barely live together and both were recruited for the show. Pic credit: Instagram/Mafsfan

Based on the early filing of divorce, the way both Taylor and Brandon were recruited, and Brandon’s, um, unorthodox ways, this spoiler probably doesn’t shock many. The couple seemed to be doomed from the start.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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  1. I love Brandon and he was treated horribly on the show. I’m disappointed with the so called psychiatrists that approved the way Taylor stayed out all night and made that childish video for her followers. Leave Brandon alone!! If he did the things Taylor did you all would have had a fit!!
    Until Brandon receives a public apology from the production team and the doctors for escalating the issue, I will not watch the show again and will tell everyone to stop watching it as well! I’m so proud that Brandon did not react when he was bullied by you all! I’m going to pray for all you bullies which includes the doctors that bullied Brandon as well. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.
    Brandon, I am proud of you and hope God blesses you with a Queen you deserve. Pray for those who tried to make you look bad on TV, it backfired.

  2. Brandon may feel he was treated poorly but he was very disrespectful to everyone on MAFS. Taylor did things wrong but how Brandon acted was unacceptable. I will continue to watch and hope there are no more Brandon

  3. If you want to know who a person is watch how they treat strangers. While Taylor may have done 1 or 2 things to get a rise out of Brandon, she was not disrespectful to the people around her. I really felt at one point a real physical fight was going to happen between Brandon and a producer and the way he verbally attacked the female producer, was not about Taylor but a view into his character

  4. The Psychiatrist, Psychologist, and Pastor Counselor should have handled Brandon better. He has a document DSM Mental disorder (Social Phobia with Panic Attacks). He should have been allowed time to be alone when he felt extermely stressed and the crew should have been told to allow him that time. Shame on the Medical Professionals for not be competent enough to help Brandon during this season. His behavior was extreme, but it was more than likely due to his Social Phobia and Panic Attacks. Unless you have Social Phobia or Panic Attacks, it is extremely difficult for one to explain how scary/anxious a given situation can become.

    • Completely agree they did him wrong, but I really can’t imagine why they thought it would be a good idea to cast someone with a currently active mental disorder. And I say that with sympathy for him, I have terrible depression and I could get just as combative as he did when I am not well, but I don’t belong in that situation either, and it was unfair to Taylor and the other couples to have to deal with it. He seems like a nice guy when he is doing well, but he is NOT MAFS material.


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