The first MAFS annulment was granted – Here are the details

Happiness didn’t last as the lies started on their wedding night. Pic Credit: Lifetime

Meka Jones and Michael Watson – paired on the Washington, DC season of the hit show Married At First Sight – just made history, being the first pair ever to be granted an annulment.

Although the couple had chemistry on their wedding day, things went downhill when Michael’s lies started from the wedding night and continued during the marriage.

Ultimately on decision day, Meka decided she wanted a divorce due to all the deception in the relationship. To which Michael shocked viewers by replying, “I don’t believe in divorce. It’s disappointing.”

The couple is the first to be successfully granted an annulment

Michael filed for an annulment from Meka on January 20, 2020, claiming he had been defrauded into marriage by the Married at First Sight producers for television drama and ratings.

However, if you ask Meka, she’d probably say the marriage not working had something to do with his pathological lying. Due to lying about where he worked, the money he made, and being a yoga instructor, Michael’s failure to be honest easily made up Meka’s mind on decision day.

Meka expressed that she feels as though she got paired with who Michael said he was – not who he actually was.

Meka confirmed the annulment on Instagram Live


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Meka felt she was the one who was ultimately defrauded – not by the producers, but by Michael.

While initially, the pair agreed on a divorce, Michael chose to pursue an annulment instead, which forced a virtual court date.

The proceedings got nasty as Michael’s lawyers insinuated that Meka’s legal name change was in response to her running from charges in another state.  In hopes of annulment, Michael also stated that he was cold-called for the show – that he didn’t know what he was getting himself into.

The judge ultimately asked Meka what she wanted in the situation to which she responded, “Look – I will take whatever I can get at this point. I just want to be done with the situation. So if we get an annulment – great. If we gotta get a divorce, I’m okay with that too. Ultimately, I just want to be separated from this.”

The judge ultimately granted the annulment but didn’t believe Michael’s argument that he didn’t know what he was getting into. However, the judge believed Meka went into the process looking for the love of her life.

Although Meka wasn’t the one pushing for the annulment, she is happy that she can claim she was never married.

Meka also revealed that Michael’s lawyer is also representing fellow Washington, DC cast member Brandon Reid in his divorce against Taylor Dunklin.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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Rhonda Fomby
Rhonda Fomby
3 years ago

Happy for her, she can get on with her life and leave that mess behind.

3 years ago

She can thank her lucky stars she’s out of that marriage! It was more like a bad nightmare!