Taylor Dunkin slams Married at First Sight as the ‘worst, most stressful experience’ of her life

Taylor shares her negative experience on MAF
Taylor Dunklin speaks about her experience in Married at First Sight. Pic credit: @marietaylorxo/Instagram.

Season 10 of Married at First Sight might be over for us, but some of the participants are still feeling the effects of the eight-week experiment.

One such cast member is Taylor Dunklin, who we can all agree had a rough time on the show.

The experts set her up with Brandon Reid, and on their wedding day, things seemed promising, as the good looking couple seemed a good match.

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse.

Reid constantly battled with the production team behind the scenes and was aggressive towards Taylor and even other castmates.

After walking out on his wife several times, it wasn’t a surprise to anyone – except Brandon – when Taylor decided to get divorced on “decision night.”

Now Dunklin is speaking out about her time on the show.

Taylor shares a message on Instagram

We didn’t hear much from Taylor while the show aired, and her Instagram page has been private for quite some time.

We found this quite strange since she has a very large following – 60,000 and counting as of today.

However, Taylor’s page is now public once again, and she revealed in her IG stories that her page went private in December 2019, per the show’s request.

In the lengthy Instagram message, she thanked fans for their kind words and also shared a bit about her experience on the show.

“Honestly, being apart of the show was the WORST most stressful experience I ever had in my life.”

The 27-year-old says she “barely watched” Married at First Sight while it was airing, adding that “so much happened off-camera, or that the show didn’t display. It’s hard when you have to continue to relive it.”

Dunklin is remaining positive about the future

Despite the challenges, however, Dunklin seems to be getting to a much better place. She seems hopeful about the future.

“I’m healing from it, becoming better from it, accepting it as a learning experience and moving on to getting back to the HAPPY person I was before,” she wrote.

Taylor Dunklin talks about MAFS
Taylor Dunklin talks about MAFS on IG stories. Pic credit: @marietaylorxo/Instagram

As for Brandon Reid, we haven’t heard anything from him since the episodes aired.

During his stint on the show, he expressed his disdain for social media on several occasions. So we don’t expect him to pop up on Instagram anytime soon – especially with the backlash he’s been receiving.

What we do know is that Brandon filed for an annulment of his marriage to Taylor on January 2, which was one day after the show’s first episode premiered.

Married at First Sight is now on hiatus.

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Old school Michael Ebanks
Old school Michael Ebanks
3 years ago

Hay Taylor i hope your doing well,that was my first time watching mafs,and i happen to fall for you and Brandon dispite the rough times you and Brandon had i new it was going to take more than 8 weeks to get this marriage working. Taylor you were more out going than he was neither one of you took the to find out what the other l ok likes or dislikes if that would happen believe me it would have worked out a better ,because both of you made some big mistakes,I’m not going to harp on that,i call myself inviting you&Brandon or Meka if you and Brandon weren’t together,but i see where you’ve been here before it doesn’t matter my offer still on the table I’ll close by saying i still like you and Brandon when the chance is there.

3 years ago

It was awful because Brandon was awful…I wish she had just ditched him in the beginning as the experts, again, got it wrong

3 years ago

The headline is of course misleading. She didn’t “slam” the show, she said it was her worst experience.