Michael tries to save his marriage to Meka on Married at First Sight

Michael tries to save his marriage to Meka
Did Michael make a last attempt at salvaging his marriage? Pic credit: Lifetime

Michael Watson and Meka Jones took us on an emotional roller coaster this season, and it all came to a head tonight on the finale of Married at First Sight.

Throughout the season, we’ve seen that the young couple got off to a rough start immediately after saying their “I do”‘s and it all started with their honeymoon.

Things started to go badly when Meka revealed that Michael pretty much gave Meka an ultimatum to have sex with him during their honeymoon in Panama.

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The conversation was not caught on camera and when Meka brought it up, Michael denied that he ever told his wife that she must have sex with him.

We soon realized that this was just one of a long list of lies that Michael would tell!

Michael was caught in many lies

Week after week, viewers were just as frustrated as 25-year-old Meka, who constantly had to confront her husband about one lie after another.

At one point, he blatantly lied about working as a yoga instructor, only for Meka to find out later that he worked at the studio as a cleaner and not an instructor.

Watson also lied about his job, stating during a therapy session that he was promoted to principal of a school, claiming later that he decided not the take the job.

And those were just a few of the many lies that Michael was caught in throughout the course of the couple’s eight-week marriage.

Did Michael have a breakthrough?

The couples all have to make a final decision after the eight weeks regarding whether they will stay together or choose to end their marriage.

However, shockingly, Michael might be finally making a change in an effort to salvage his marriage to Meka.

TV Insider got a sneak peek into tonight’s finale and shared some of what Michael was thinking on Decision Day while talking to the experts.

“I think for me, what I realized… you as an individual person have habits that are not necessarily things you can carry on into a marriage.”

Can they make it work?

Michael also admitted, “The mistakes I made several times was that the habits that I had as an individual, that were comfortable for me, were not going to work being in this marriage. And so, that was my default.”

So, it seems Michael is finally coming to his senses. But is it too late?

All was revealed on tonight’s finale.

Married at First Sight aired its finale on April 15 at 8/7 central on Lifetime.

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