What is Michael from Married at First Sight’s real job?

michael watson on lifetime married at first sight
Michael has continuously lied about his occupation. Pic credit: Lifetime

Season 10 of Married at First Sight is coming to an end, and oh what a dramatic season it has been.

One of the couples who agreed to this unusual experiment of marrying a stranger is Meka Jones and Michael Watson.

The relationship has been rocky from the beginning due in part to Michael’s dishonesty!

Watson’s occupation seems to change with each episode, so it’s very hard to keep up, but let’s give it a try!

What is Michael’s real job?

Early in the episode, the 31-year-old talked about working with kids and was very vocal about how passionate he was about his job.

He didn’t clearly state his occupation but explained that he works within the school system, seemingly as an education director for kids with special needs.

Midway through the season, Watson claimed to have been promoted to the position of principal.

However, right before he was set to begin the new job, he revealed that he was no longer taking the position.

According to Mademnoire’s report:

Michael told Meka, Pastor Cal, and pretty much everyone that he was starting a new gig as a principal at a Catholic school and that the opportunity was going to bring in big money for him. Then, all of a sudden, he claimed that despite having signed a contract, the terms of the job changed, he wasn’t comfortable with what those changes entailed, so he left behind the job.

Viewers were not buying this story, and Meka wasn’t buying it either!

Watson claimed to have found other employment, and in another episode, he sits down with Meka down to share pay stubs and discuss finances.

True to form, Michael could not produce a pay stub but showed his wife a job letter outlining his income.

However, Meka, who has a degree in Mathematics, quickly realized that the numbers just weren’t adding up, and she concluded that the letter was forged.

Unfortunately, this is not the first or second time Michael has lied about his job.

Is he also a yoga instructor?

Nope, despite telling his new wife that he worked part-time as a Yoga instructor, she quickly found out that Michael was lying about that too.

After being invited by Michael to visit the yoga studio he supposedly worked at, and partake in a class that he had secured for them, Meka soon realized that it was all a facade.

When she arrived, not only had Michael not booked a yoga session for them, she was also informed by a manager at the studio that her husband was not an instructor there, but a part of the cleaning staff.

The lies became very frustrating for Meka and Married at First Sight viewers as well.

Michael seems to have a real passion for kids, so while we don’t know in what capacity he works with children, it’s not unreasonable to assume that he does work within the education system.

 The finale of Married at First Sight, airs Wednesday night at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Shakina Zene
Shakina Zene
4 years ago

Michael needs therapy. He’s too old to be trying to front like he’s more than he is. Theres something he has missed in his life to be this way. Hes a liar and manipulative. Not strong enough to be anybody’s husband because he doesn’t know who he is. Hope he finds himself so he can bring his dreams of being a principal and a yoga instructor to life…..

Denise Taylor
Denise Taylor
4 years ago

He is probably a janitor at a school

4 years ago

Yes Michael need a therapist like ASAP because something is truly going with him,

sachae E Lyons
sachae E Lyons
4 years ago

I figured he was a janitor and was embarrassed about.

J Williams
J Williams
3 years ago

He is an Assistant Coordinator at the Washington Workshops Foundation. His only truth is that his company works with kids. Such a liar!