Where are Meka and Michael from Married at First Sight Season 10 now?

Meka and Michael pose on their wedding day
Meka and Michael match in white on their wedding day. Pic credit: Lifetime

Hoping for a higher success rate for marriages, Married at First Sight decided to start matching five couples rather than four in Season 10. However, Season 10 was one of the least successful seasons, with four out of the five couples eventually getting divorced. 

The marriages largely fell apart due to introducing some of the most challenging and frustrating husbands to ever be on the series.

One of those uniquely challenging husbands was Michael, who was married to Meka and also appeared to be betrothed to telling half-truths and outright lies. 

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Meka and Michael did not trust each other 

Meka and Michael’s marriage felt doomed from the honeymoon, when Meka claimed that Michael allegedly made an ultimatum that the two would have to consummate their marriage on the honeymoon or else he’d want to end the relationship. 

Naturally, this comment made Meka uncomfortable especially because this inappropriate pressure was coming from a total stranger. 

When Meka confronted Michael, he was adamant that he hadn’t made that comment the way Meka heard it. Meka felt he was lying for the cameras and she no longer felt comfortable spending time with Michael on the honeymoon. 

This wouldn’t be the last time Meka dealt with Michael’s deceit, as he appeared to lie all throughout the marriage. Having more patience than most, Meka continued to try and make it work with Michael despite him never being upfront with her. 

Michael’s most memorable lie was regarding his yoga hobby.

Michael claimed he was a yoga instructor so Meka decided to attend one of his yoga classes. But, when Meka showed up to the class, Michael was not there and she had to learn from employees, who actually work there, that Michael does not in fact teach classes and he was hardly known amongst the workers, apart from being the guy who occasionally cleans the classrooms. 

Another notable lie was when Michael claimed he got a great promotion but then the job inexplicably fell through and he didn’t communicate clearly about any of this with Meka. 

Michael told Meka that he found a better job, but when it came time to talk about finances, he was clearly being deceitful about how much money he makes.  

As a math major, Meka knew something was fishy about Michael’s finances and most of his stories. She became fed up, telling the cameras she did not want to be married to a liar. 

Michael’s excuse for continually getting caught in lies was that he didn’t fully trust Meka yet, suggesting the wounds from being adopted impacted his ability to be truthful. 

Meka made an effort to understand Michael better through his family and the pair tried to rekindle towards the end of the experiment.    

Michael didn’t believe in divorce but Meka had been through enough by the time Decision Day came and she decided that they should get a divorce and end their exhaustingly duplicitous marriage.

Where are Michael and Meka now? 

Meka and Michael were the first couple in the history of the show to be granted an annulment. After going their separate ways, Michael apologized to Meka, acknowledging that he was a dishonest husband and that Meka deserved better. 

Michael is private on social media but he did enter into a new relationship with a woman named Shannon, and the two are engaged. Michael owned up to his MAFS shortcomings with his future wife and appears to be attempting a more straightforward approach with his current significant other. 

Meka does not appear to be in a new relationship but she does look like she is still living her best life as a presumably single woman.

She shares tons of confident photos of herself with her 55k followers and seems to enjoy days at the beach, playing with her dog, traveling, and spending time with her fellow MAFS Season 10 costars. She’s also in touch with MAFS wives from various other seasons too, including MAFS Season 4 star, Sonia Granados, who she recently met.

Michael and Meka lacked compatibility and chemistry in their marriage but both seem to have grown and learned from their tumultuous time together. 

Married at First Sight returned Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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