Where are Sonia and Nick from Married at First Sight Season 4 now?

Sonia and Nick sit together on the couch while Sonia holds a wine glass
Sonia allows Nick to meet her important family members. Pic credit: Lifetime

Sonia Granados and Nick Pendergrast threw some major plot twists at both the experts and the MAFS audience during their time on the show. 

Married at First Sight expert, Pastor Cal, has become one of the most familiar faces within the MAFS franchise. He made his debut as a specialist on Season 4 and had his work cut out for him with the Florida couples. 

Sonia and Nick were a Season 4 couple that made it particularly difficult for the experts to administer counseling and advice, considering the duo wasn’t always upfront about what went on in their relationship. 

The couple went back and forth on whether they believed in this marriage, and their ups and downs continued even after decision day.  

Sonia and Nick weren’t fully transparent 

Nick and Sonia didn’t have the instant chemistry that some couples have on the show but they did seem to be somewhat fond of one another at the start. 

There were many ways in which the couple were not quite compatible, with Sonia’s fear of dogs being just one of many things the two wrestled with. Over time, the couple bumped heads and made it seem as though they were struggling to become comfortable with intimacy.

The two got into plenty of arguments, with one of the most hurtful being when Nick angrily expressed not being attracted to Sonia and not feeling anything for her. 

Upon hearing that, Sonia moved out of their home and it looked like the marriage wouldn’t make it. Sonia also finally admitted to the experts that she and Nick had been intimate, despite deliberately claiming they hadn’t gone to that level beforehand. 

When Pastor Cal confronted Nick about this surprising lie, Nick brushed it off and claimed he lied because he’s not a kisser and teller. Similar to Paige Banks from MAFS Season 12, Sonia wondered how Nick could sleep with her if he wasn’t attracted to her. 

While their marriage was on the rocks, Sonia and Nick did eventually start to hang out with each other again and slowly but surely repaired some of the broken areas within their relationship. 

By the time Decision Day came, both Sonia and Nick felt their marriage had gotten to a good place and they both agreed to stay married. 

They ended the experiment married but the two eventually got divorced, with Nick appearing to move on at an alarmingly fast pace. 

Where are Sonia and Nick now? 

After their divorce, the two had a public falling out. Just 3 months after calling it quits with Sonia, Nick and his new significant other, Heather Yerrid, announced that they were expecting twins. 

Sonia took to Twitter to air her thoughts. In Sonia’s tweet, she suggested that Nick’s involvement with her and his new lover overlapped and that he had allegedly been unfaithful by trying to make it work with her while also talking to another woman. 

Sonia felt she had a right to be “irate” but she also wished the couple well. Now, years, after divorcing, Sonia and Nick have both moved on with their lives in major ways.

Nick is an entrepreneur and is still in a relationship with Heather. The couple are proud parents of twin toddlers, Layla and Logan. 

Meanwhile, Sonia is still very grateful to have been apart of Married at First Sight and still keeps up with fellow MAFS stars from various seasons, including her latest post where she met up with Meka from MAFS Season 10. Sonia also recently met with the MAFS Season 12 wives during their Miami trip with Jamie Otis

Sonia has a podcast and is the founder of The Broke Philanthropist. While Sonia does not appear to be in a relationship of her own, she seems very fulfilled as an aunt and posts tons of photos of her fun times with friends and family.

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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